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Friday, April 29, 2011

Heading south...

and it's a gorgeous day for a drive...
the sky's blue..temps at about 70- going to blast some music and drive with the sun roof open...
it that won't get me out of the funk I am in....I don't know what will...
My paper that's due on Monday is done...so no feeling like I have to rush out of there on Sunday to do it....which will be nice..
Can I tell you a secret?
I did not turn on the royal wedding today....I was awake for most of it and didn't turn on the TV...
Not sure why...just feel like the hype of it all was too much I guess....I wish them all the happiness in the world...but all this hype and scrutiny...don't you think it's hard enough to be married as normal people...add onto that the heir apparent to the crown of England..and then the media hype for the wedding....that's a lot of pressure...I did look at pictures this morning...and it looked gorgeous...just couldn't bring myself to watch it..

Okay..enough secret confessions for today...I am going to go pack...pull my hair back and break out some of my favorite cds....I am (FINALLY) able to send some sunshine out to all of you...hugs and love!!  see y'all on the flip side!


  1. Nothing like a road trip to clear away some of the woes of life. Hope it helps for you. Personally I haven't even thought about the wedding. I'm sure if I watch any TV it will show up all over the place. Enjoy the ride.

  2. Glad you feel able to send us all out some sunshine today, Col. Hope you enjoy your road trip and playing your favourite CD's. I'm afraid that I was glued to the tv, watching the royal wedding. With all the troubles in the world, it was lovely to see such a happy couple and to have some romance. They really do seem genuinely in love and I wish them well.

  3. a nice drive sounds wonderful

  4. Bruce and I just got back from a drove along the coast of Myrtle Beach. It's about 77 and bright sun here today. The beach was just too crowded to go sit on it so we opted for a drive instead. We haven't been down this way since before we moved. Hope your drive is as pleasant and beautiful as ours was. Hugs!!!

  5. South - did you say South! I live in the South. Are you coming to Virginia. PLEASE. lol

    I know you aren't but boy-o did I get excited when I saw the titled.

    Have a nice visit. And relax. It's a good weekend for it.

  6. So you are having some beautful weather here it is sunny and wet have to have the clothes dryer going as it has rained every day since Wednesday and we are now running out of clean underwear......yeah you may not wanted to know that but no you do.

    I only watched a little bit of the wedding as happy hates anything royal and I had to wait till hubby is asleep........