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Monday, April 4, 2011

Good Morning!!

From sunny and warm mexico...
I am sitting on our balcony overlooking the ocean.....it is gorgeous...I am going to figure out where to buy a cord for my camera so you all can see the pictures...
I am sitting on the balcony because my procrastination has gotten the better of me and I need to finish a paper...
but better to be doing while listening to the waves than at home in the cold snow.
We are having a great time...just relaxing...drinking a lot of tequila (promise Odie- I have had more than one for you!!).
My parents own a timeshare down here, so we have been coming down for about 10 years.  We know most of the wait staff, the bar tenders etc.  Our favorite bartender is on duty during the day, not at happy hour, which is kind of a bummer...but he is giving us happy hour pricing all day on drinks... you can't beat that!! We did a tequila tasting with him yesterday because my parents want to bring my brother home some tequila.  We tried six different kinds and really, in my opinion, tequila is not meant to be sipped.  We had a couple of really smooth ones...but I guess I just don't like it that much outside of a drink...in my blue margaritas...bring it on!!
I haven't read any one's blogs yet....I wanted two days without the internet (never thought I'd say that) but it's been nice to not get on this blasted computer...
So I hope that packing has gone well for some, moves well for others, the cherry blossoms I heard from my parents were peaked this week and I know that's someone's favorite thing to go see, hope that job searches have gone well and spring has been enjoyed...hugs and lots of wishes to you all...I am going to figure out a way to bottle the sunshine, sand and waves and send it out to all of you.....


  1. sounds like you're having a great time! packing is going well but i'm out of tape so have taken a hiatus. back to the work this week. we're not moving until the end of the month so i don't want to get to far ahead of the game or we won't have anything left to "live" with.

    tequila is best when mixed. never could figure out how people drank it straight.

  2. Didn't think we would be hearing from you for a little while, Col! What are you doing writing to us when you should be just sat there relaxing and forgetting about blogging for a few days!It all sounds wonderful and I'm looking forward to seeing some photos. Enjoy!

  3. You come near my blog for a week and I will whip ya' with a wet noodle when you get back. :D Seriously, it is so wonderful to hear from you, but enjoy. :)

    And I thought is was awesome my parents had a condo in SC that we could use when they were home up here in July, but a timeshare in Mexico! Wow, those are some good parents. [Think they'd adopt me? giggle]

    Sounds like an absolute spectacular time. And if you can fit one in I would love one of Odie's tequilas please. :wink:

    Hugs and love! Have fun!

  4. Col my friend seems you are in your groove there as you should be. I love Mexico and will be watching for the pictures. Actually I have never tasted tequila but must try it some day soon. Thanks for thinking about me. Have fun.

  5. Ooooooh....it all sounds so nice....glad to know that you're having fun...and yep, do send me some of that sunshine, sand and waves...

  6. Nic...that sounds so heavenly. Enjoy it every single second. We'll be here waiting for the pictures. I'm all moved in now, just unpacking slowly. I've missed you but I'm back and will catch up with you when you are back and ready. Hugs sweetie!