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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Before and Midway Through

You all asked for pictures of the bathroom...it's still a work in progress but I figured I would show you some before pictures...
what a mess...all over my house..

under the stairs after all the plaster was removed

the ceiling

these had to be removed one by one so as to not crack the shower wall behind it...what a pain..
walls  yay!!

whole bathroom

Very exciting....the walls are mudded.  They need to be sanded and mudded again and then primed and painted.  We need to level the floors and lay the floor.  Then it will be time to put in the toilet and the sink and put up the light....I am excited because it feels like it will be finished soon.  Then on to railings and steps for the deck and maybe a backsplash in the kitchen and we will be ready for the party.  Only a couple more weekends to get everything finished....but those are the  major projects we hope to accomplish ourselves this summer.  We need to replace the hot water heater and will be putting a tankless hot water heater in this bathroom and doing the roof on the house.  
The best part of this bathroom is that everything will be in the same room...because right now...the toilet is in what is supposed to be the pantry cabinet in the kitchen...so I will be able to finally rip down the peach wallboard in there and put up shelves and actually have a pantry.  lots to be done...but after it's done hopefully that will be it for a little while...
Hope all is well in your corners of the world!


  1. Thanks for the photos it is starting to look good and it will look great when it is finished.