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Friday, October 28, 2011

You know what they say about best laid plans....

they very rarely happen the way they are supposed to...
Today started very early this morning because David needed to be out of the house at five this morning.
Got up and started making lists to get organized for today's decorating.
Work was good this morning and I really felt like we had a good handle....we were providing lunch for the people who were helping to hold a meeting quick before we got started...
then the phone rang..
All I hear is crying and yelling in the back ground..
My cousin was on the phone...
Everyone was fine..
the rear tire and rim came off her car
At sixty five miles an hour on the highway...
The kids were freaking out
She was stuck on the side of the road
Tow truck was called..
Several cars pulled over
Helped her retrieve the tire 
the police officer drove her and the girls to the repair shop
the boy got to ride in the front seat of the wrecker...
I met her at the repair shop
Told the kids a story about an eagle, a mermaid and a bear
Buckled them in and brought them all to the office with me so that I could go supervise decorating.
I HATE when there are kids in the office and felt badly that others were having to deal with it..
But they were great with the kids and the kids had fun helping us...
They hung new pictures in my cubicle for me and gave all of my coworkers pictures too..
We got a lot accomplished and will finish it up on Sunday...after the five inches of snow we are supposed to get..
We all went out to dinner (a chinese buffet that I dislike immensely but the kids had fun...we will NOT be doing that again soon)..
Hubby is disappointed that we are missing out on our night alone tonight...
Everyone is grateful that the angels that walk with us were on her shoulder today and that everyone is safe..
I will gladly sacrifice  my night alone with my hubby for the hugs and the snuggles that I got and the ability I had to calm those children...
Tonight...there are special thoughts going to those who are watching over us....we know they are there and they reminded me today that while they don't walk with us physically anymore...they are always there when we need them...even if we don't know it..
hugs and love to you all...hope your weekend is full of fun and hopefully not the snow we are supposed to get!


  1. So glad nobody was hurt when the tire came off.
    Family time is always special.
    Hugs for you

  2. i 2nd mynx... go glad that everything is ok. sounds like things are going well for you and i'm glad for that. have a great weekend.

    ugh on the snow!

  3. Life...it's what happen when you thought no one was paying attention. heehee

    Glad they are all fine and sounds like a fun Friday. :)

  4. Of course the bottom line is that all are safe because it could have been much worse. I have had incidents that I avoided a tragic accident in a split second and have no doubt that I was being watched over and helped in my time of need. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.