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Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 2..coming home from work

Work was good today...I hit goal for the month so it should be a pretty solid month by the end of it....makes me happy.
I got a phone call on my way home asking me when I was going to be home so that my cousin could have dinner ready..
I wanna talk..
Auntie Nicole- how was your day.
Auntie Nicole- blah blah blah and a bunch of stuff that I can't understand...
I will bring you upstairs and you can talk to sissy
Sissy gets on the phone- lots of talking I can't understand
Let me talk to mommy-
I'll be home in twenty minutes.
Dinner on the table when i get home...amazing..
Auntie Nicole how was your day
How was work
What do you do
Where do you work
I answered their questions and asked some of my own
What did you do today?
Went to school
Cool- I start on Weds
snuggles with me and the cats under the comforter
Uncle David came home
They were attached to his hip
He was good..but tired
They are supposed to be in bed
I hear their giggles
Their little voices
Not wanting to go to sleep
Uncle David is up there now- trying to go to sleep- I fully expect to go up to bed in a little while with the kids passed out..
Good day and a good night...feels like a family...and I love it!


  1. Nice to come home to kids and a home cooked meal. And you just watch - they're chatter boxes. Which I love too.

    Have fun & good luck starting school on Wed.

  2. All that worry for nothing...it was the right decision.

  3. what a lovely thing to come home to