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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday's List

This week has been full of things to smile about...and some not too..

I did a pretty good job of concentrating on the things to smile about despite some complications at work
My cousin is moving in on Saturday..
The cleaning lady came in today and the house is sparkly...literally....it is awesome
I decided at the end of the day today that I am taking tomorrow off for my last me day for a little while....I was going to take a half day but decided when I clocked out with my hours and then some that I am going to sleep in a bit and then get started with a pedicure...and then drop off all the bags of stuff to goodwill..
My mother is amazingly supportive....I don't know what I would do without her...especially as it is becoming especially prevalent to me that not everyone has that from their parents..
We ate ice cream for dinner last night after a particularly rough day where apparently the only other thing I consumed was a whole lot of water and a yogurt in the morning...that's how I justified the calories from the ice cream I ate....hubby had a gross day too so it was just fitting to share the pint of ice cream with him (although I didn't plan on sharing initially)...I love nights like that...
My hubby surprised me with dinner tonight...
it is cold out...not something to especially smile about but my cats are super snuggly when it gets cold..which is definitely something to smile about..
I just talked to my bestest and oldest friend for over an hour on the phone..makes me feel like she is close to me...even though she is over 500 miles and 10 hours away.
My plane tickets are purchased for the week we are spending at my parents house for thanksgiving..
I am getting closer and closer to goal...hopefully by mid week next week I will be there...which is awesome!
As we were going through stuff last week I found an entire bag of stuffed animals that hold special meaning to me and when I started to have the internal debate about whether to keep them or send them off to goodwill to find new homes my hubby looked at me and told me I was crazy for even thinking of getting rid of them...I love that he can ready my mind like that.
I figured out my Halloween costume for work....which doesn't involve me sewing and will be super fun...
Halloween, which is a huge thing for my company and I am in charge of for my department, is coming together nicely...will be a lot of work next weekend but I have a vision..
That's all I have for tonight...I am going to go snuggle with my hubby.,..I hope that you all had lots of smiles this week and that they helped you all through some of the tougher parts of the week...hugs and lots of love to you all!!


  1. Ice cream for dinner is never wrong. :) I had sherbert last night because my throat was sore. AWESOME!

    It is a great feeling when your house is sparkly clean and I know that will your cousin's transition all the more easy.

    And definitely a perfect night [in the 30s here] for snuggling under the duvet. woohoo! :)

    Enjoy and sweetest dreams You deserve them.

  2. Good luck for when your cousin arrives. I'm sure everything will work out just fine for everyone. Wonderful to have a lovely sparkly house like that! I think you're wise to make tomorrow a 'me' day. Have a lovely weekend my friend.

  3. It is important in all this newness that you and hubby snuggle alot.