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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wild week

We had a fabulous time at the wedding...
and yes I have pictures that I haven't uploaded yet from my camera..
I survived the entire day in my five inch heels...but man did it feel good to put flipflops on my feet on Sunday..
We stopped at my grandparent's house on Sunday on the way home to say goodbye to them as they head off on their new adventure.  They closed on their house they have lived in for fifty years and will be leaving the north on Saturday for warmer weather down south.  It was heartbreaking to say goodbye to them and to that house...lots of good memories there.
The cat survived the kennel...although he and the others have spent the last two days hissing at each other..
The weather has turned cold up here and fall is definitely in full swing.  We are headed up Mount Washington in New Hampshire this weekend...which promises to be a good time.  We are taking the auto road up which we have never done.  Can't wait to take lots of pictures of the scenery..
Work is still crazy and Halloween prep is in full swing.
We spray painted three hundred snow flakes tonight...which was interesting..
Our theme this year for Halloween is the North Pole- the nice and the naughty side.
It will be good and hopefully will come out the way I am picturing everything in my head and will earn us first place in our decorating competition- first prize is seven hundred and fifty dollars to the Maine charity of our choice...so that would be good.
I love doing stuff like this but I gotta tell you...I HATE Christmas stuff before Thanksgiving.  Sorry Skippy, but it's true.  It just gets earlier and earlier every single year and I actually walked out of a store the other day because they had a full Christmas display up.....and here I am in charge of decorating like Christmas...oh well..should be fun anyway...or it gives me a creative outlet...which I will take!
That's all I got tonight...I hope that your corners of the world are a bit warmer than mine and that you are all doing well.  I have been bad about commenting on blogs the last week or so because I have just not wanted to get on the computer at night....I will get better...promise...know that I am reading in the few minutes that I have during the day to stay updated on your lives...enjoy the changing of the seasons and the green grass that's still out there...because before too much longer there will be snow...hugs love and peace to you all..


  1. 300 snowflakes! That must have been quite a job! Glad you had a good time at the wedding. Yes, I think it is too early for Xmas displays.

  2. Don't apologize to me. I hate it too. I swear. I just want it here yesterday. giggle - preferably the day AFTER Thanksgiving. I am in the mood for the holidays, but how the heck does the North Pole tie into Halloween [and Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas" doesn't count.] That's weird. LOL

    Glad you had such a great time at the wedding. And if you don't get around to pics on your blog, you know I want them emailed. heehee

    Hugs sweetie! Keep smiling!

  3. That's a LOT of snowflakes! Glad you had a great time at the wedding. It's getting really cold here now too :)

  4. Hugs to you too. All the Garden Centres here have their Christmas displays in full swing now. It really is ridiculous! So glad you had a lovely time at the wedding, and that you managed to stay in your shoes all that time! Can't wait to see the photos.

  5. You have been a busy lady. Glad to wedding weekend was fun. Where did your grandparents move to? Good for them. I can so relate to the warm climate change. I am with you on the Christmas stuff. It was up in one of the pharmacies here and I walked out. Just couldn't deal with it. I was in a bathing suit and cover up having just come from the beach. The two don't mix! Hugs sweet lady and can't wait to see the pics soon I hope.