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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday's List

Well ..after a few blah blog posts...how about my smiles for the week??
Halloween planning is going well.  We are getting stuff done so hopefully we will be in a good place before Halloween.
My husband is my favorite person in the world..
not only is he beyond supportive in many ways..
He listens when I go crazy
deals with my mood swings
and snuggles with me to make me fall back asleep at night.
He made time for lunch when he didn't think h e was going to be able to this week
He brought home my favorite for dinner tonight
He will work his butt off this weekend to help get rooms cleaned out this weekend..
he is pretty fantastic..
The leaves are changing and the picture taking will be great when the sun comes out...hoping to get out and take some pictures this week..
I came home today to some great goodies from a few of my bloggy friends- thank  you so much...I love magnets for my fridge and have some new ones to add...i will post pictures soon..
The weather is nice and cool...which I normally don't like but I love snuggling under my comforters to stay nice and warm
I hope that your corners of the world are happy and peaceful and that you are doing well....sending lots of thoughts and love on the back of the moonbeams tonight to all of you!! Hugs and love!


  1. :)

    Glad to see such an upbeat post. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Look! THERE she is :pointing at Col: YAY!

    I am just joshing with you. You deserve every bit of worry and blog posts you have shared because we DO understand. We can always find smiles, but it doesn't mean me can't brood/be cranky/fuss once in a while, right?

    And everytime you see the petals on the sunflower, just remember they are each saying "Love you!" 'Cause we do.

    Hugs and I hope you are having sweet dreams.

  3. He certainly does sound like a terrific husband. And I am willing to bet you are a terrific wife too! You are a sweetheart Nic. Hugs and love. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. hmm..blah posts? never noticed. Your hubby sounds wonderful. We can be truly blessed by having a fantastic supportive partner.

    Only what you deserve sweet lady
    Hugs for you