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Monday, October 10, 2011

Lacking Motivation

I have today off.
It is currently two o'clock in the afternoon and I have gotten nothing done.
After a great weekend with some good friends, much needs to be accomplished as we pushed the list of things to do aside for a weekend of fun.
I have gotten nothing done.
The bedrooms needs to be cleaned out
Storage unit needs to be acquired
Closets need to be cleaned
The house in general needs to be cleaned
Laundry needs to be done and put away
My closet needs to be switched from summer to winter
Lots of stuff and no motivation.
Not entirely sure why..
is it because I know the days of doing nothing are numbered?
Is it because I simply need to veg for a little while?
Not entirely sure what the lack of motivation is...but I need to find it..sooner rather than later..
Today's tasks are small- clean out the bathroom closets and drawers
Kid Proof the medicine cabinet
Make dinner
That's it..
But tt's two o'clock in the afternoon and nothing has been done yet..


  1. Oh, take a day off and relax. You deserve it and it will all get done. I know you, you won't let all the time slip by.

    My husband did up all of our laundry this weekend and now we have discovered we have too much. It is time to start thinning out our wardrobes, but I LIKE everything. heehee

    Wanna come help me? You can be the voice of reason. heehee

  2. It's strange when we get days like this, isn't it? No motivation! I agree with Skippy, it will get done! Make the most of the peace and quiet while you can!

  3. I find it hard to get motivated lately. I guess it is a phase we all go through.

  4. Things will be done when they need to be. Rest.

  5. Had an entire weekend like that. Weather has changed, rainy, damp, just lazing more than usual, hehe. We just have to do it once in awhile. It's good for you. Hugs and love my sweet friend.!

  6. we all need a "veg" day every so often. chill... relax... it'll get done. we had a rainy weekend so i didn't get as much one as i wanted. plus, i didn't feel very good so that was a good excuse to sleep in.