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Trying to remember that there is always a reason, always something that makes you smile during the day- recognizing the event, person or situation that made you smile will make your day seem that much better.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Chaos abounds

Well...it's Sunday night..
It still looks like a tornado has gone through some of my house...
I tripped over a shopping cart
Dropped a drawer on my foot
Cleaned up spilled popsicle, oatmeal, soda and brownies today
I picked up the same blanket five times
Almost hit a toy in the driveway
Wondered how the kids got outside
and chased a cat
I also got to hear Auntie Nicole called about fifty times in the cutest little voice and the smile that came back when I responded was priceless
I was told that my brownies were the best ever
I listened to the amazement in their voices as they realized that the stars in the ceiling glowed in the dark and listened as they found animals in the stars.
Had a shadow of a four year old who easily slipped her hand into mine all day today
I snuggled with the nine year old and looked at his binder from school last year
I saw the weight of the world lifted off my cousin's shoulders while we grocery shopped and meal planned
I watched my husband crouch down and talk with the kids
listen to them want to sit next to Uncle David at dinner
I watched him convince one of them to eat her potatoes
I listened as he riled them up and got them giggling after they got into bed.
I got after bath hugs and kisses and promises of snuggles and pictures tomorrow.
yes, my house is in chaos right now- but my brain feels better about the whole decision.
There are toys to be put away and a dresser that needs to be moved out of the hallway upstairs-
but my heart is happy, my soul is full and I know that there will be many more smiles, snuggles, hugs, kisses and giggles in my future...and there is nothing that is better than that.


  1. Sounds like those kids first day in a different environment was awesome. You guys are amazing. But I already knew that. Love ya Nic.

  2. see, your heart gave you the right answer.

  3. Sounds like a fun, wonderful, exhausting day for y'all. I am sure everyone sleeps well tonight.

    Nice job Aunt Nicole and Uncle David. =)

  4. So glad that your heart is happy and your heart is full! It's worth having a few toys around to get all those snuggles and hugs. So pleased that everyone seems to have settled in so well. It will be wonderful to give those little ones some love and security right now.