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Sunday, October 16, 2011


We got a lot done today....despite a rocky start..
Ladies- sorry to exclude the guys who read this-do you ever have a project that needs to get done with your significant other and it seems like they focus on the smallest most insignificant piece of the project.
Many of my friends and family experience this..
My dad was installing a new bathroom- needed to get everything put back together for a party my parents were having...last twenty four hours and instead of installing the last three tiles and the sink- he was cleaning out the magazine rack...
My husband's project today was a towel rack....in the downstairs bathroom...in addition to the one that was already there....he kept asking me where he should put it and when I would tell him he would say okay and measure and remeasure and ask again...
I finally went upstairs, managed to clean out an entire closet and half the room before he gave up on the towel rack and came up to help!!
I love him to pieces but I am reminded that I married someone just like my dad often!!
We made really good progress- the one room was entirely cleaned out except for the bed and the second room will only take about another hour tomorrow.  We do have some work to do in the den to get that cleaned up so that we can bring some of the stuff down that we want to have accessible and put it in there...
We still had time to watch a couple of episodes of True Blood tonight too...we just finished season 2...it's a fun but pretty hokey show....good stuff to just veg out to.
Lots of smiles today going through old pictures and memory stuff...a few tears...it was a nice trip down memory lane..
Lots of stuff to go to good will and lots of clearing out..which is good for us....the back room tended to be a catch all room so there was a lot in there that needed to be tossed out...
It's always nice to feel as if we have accomplished what we set out to do....tomorrow will be a few hours in the morning finishing..a bit of cleaning and then the rooms will be ready for them to move in...
Like my hubby said we aren't going to magically get everything done but at least they will all have spaces to call their own..
Hope that you all had a fantastic day...hugs and lots of love to all y'all.


  1. My hubby is hobbling around with a sore foot and being quite brave abut insisting to do jobs when I have told him to sit and rest it. So good that things are falling into place for you.

  2. It is good when you get something big accomplished isn't it? My hubby wasn't very handy around the house. He tried bless his heart but he was a chef. Made me smile reading about the towel holder! Great post. Hope your Sunday is a great one. Hugs and love Nic.

  3. Hi Col. You've certainly both been very busy, although the incident with the towel rail did make me smile. I think it's lovely that you're going to all this trouble to make them feel welcome and to ensure that they can have a space to call their own, which is so important. Hugs to you.

  4. Okay Col, you know Pooldad and I know Pooldad - so this will make you laugh.

    When we used to host our huge Thanksgivings [remember?] and the house needed to be spiffed up [5 kids not yet teenagers?] He would invariably go and. . .clean the garage. THE GARAGE - you know the room no one is ever going to see when they come to visit? giggle

    I was, like, "Get in this house and help pick up the toys. Quick!"

    Or - I could ask him to find me something downstairs and 4 hours later I would go downstairs and find him cleaning out the laundry room. Although he had found what I needed - there he was.

    This kind of stuff happens all the time. It has it's perks tho'.

    We gotta' love 'em and so happy we get to keep 'em. heehee

  5. My son-in-law once put a kitchen cupboard on upside down and backwards. It is still that way, we all adjusted to it. :)

  6. I also ended up marring someone who is so much like my dad it us just not funny, and I do so know what you mean about men fussing over some little thing that we think is not the most important thing hubby will do it too........he is also a terrible one for starting things and not finishing them for months......when it should have been able to be done in a weekend. I love him though