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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Procrastination Part Two

Okay okay...I had the best intentions of getting work done this weekend....we weren't going up north for a birthday party until the paper was done.
Then I got a phone call..
Auntie- when are you coming for my birffday
I don't know sweetie...Auntie has homework to do and Unkie has to get some stuff done..
but Auntie It's my birffday and bubba is sick and we had to cancel my party
Sweetie I know but...
Auntie I NEEEEED you to come today.
I have to work today
Then please please please please please please please please can you come tomorrow.  Momma says that you will come on Sunday but I need you  now..
ummmm...I don't know...I need to talk to Unkie
I already talked to him and he told me it was up to you.  I love you and I want you to be here when I wake up...please...
What to say...how do you resist that?  after the crazy insane nutty week I had...it didn't take a lot of arm twisting for me to say...
Okay we'll be up tomorrow...
YAY!!! I love you Auntie and I can't wait to see you
So up north we went at seven am on Saturday morning...my computer packed so that I could at least get some work done when we left to go back to my inlaws...
and that didn't happen...because Unkie spent the day with the kids so that my sister in law and I could get some shopping done and then Unkie went out for the night and the littlest one wanted me to snuggle him to bed and the bigger one was upset because he wanted to snuggle to fall asleep....and he was sick so I felt badly...
I had an amazingly wonderful time...I love the sound of their laughter and when they get all serious while talking to me.  They have stolen my heart and I am not sure when I am going to get it back..but I willingly give it to them...
So yes, it is worth the lack of sleep I will get in the next day and a half so that I can get my paper done for just one of the Auntie I love you and am so happy you came for my birfffday celebration's we got when we walked out the door...and it will even be worth the cold I am sure that I will get because I spent two days with them....
I am going back to my paper...hope you all had an awesome weekend!!! Hugs!


  1. Oh how sweet! What a great weekend :)

  2. You are very, very special Nic. Those kids are so lucky and loved. You'll get the paper done and just know that you made a memory of a lifetime for that berfday boy!!! What a good Auntie you are. Hugs.

  3. Yes Nic you couldn't begin to buy something as precious as you were given. You are a very rich and blessed woman. Good luck on the paper and have a great week.

  4. You are never getting it [your heart] back Auntie. Don'tcha' know. :)

    Sounds like the perfect procrastination to me. Wait...I like the word "lull" better. It was the perfect lull in an otherwise hectic week.

    And seems as though it was the tonic you needed to recharge.

  5. Love that post, and you certainly did the right thing by going to see the birthday boy! Imagine how disappointed he would have been if you didn't go. It's lovely for you to be so loved!