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Monday, March 14, 2011


I am completely and totally jealous...
green with envy,
knashing my teeth and stomping my feet
I am wandering through the blogosphere looking at pictures that are popping up
of green
and pink
and purple
and yellow
and red
of brown mud
of grass that promises to be green soon
of buds on trees,
flowers on plants
and what do I see...when I look out my door
Still covered, still cold, still white, still dead***
So I love your pictures....thank you for showing them to me...I am a little (okay a lot) jealous of the green grass and the flowers.....but at least I know that spring is coming to some part of the world...it should be here soon....right?
Hugs to you all...and wishes for the sweetest dreams and deep slumber...hopefully tomorrow will be a day free of pain for all of you, full of hope and sunshine..

***this picture was taken two weeks ago...you can see the asphalt on the driveway now and the snow banking is about a foot lower....


  1. It feels like this winter has lasted forever!! So ready for spring!!!

  2. I know, I am sick of being cold!!!

  3. i feel for really i do hope spring comes soon for you

  4. Spring is one day closer to you.

    If it helps, after our rain, the temps dropped and people north of us are getting snow.

  5. Uh Oh, I remember all those colors being in my recent post, didn't mean to rub it in girl. Your time is coming so hang in there. Sending "warm" thoughts your way.

  6. Lots of warmth coming your way from over here in England, Col! Glad the snow is a bit easier now. I think we're all thinking that it's been a long Winter this year, and we've had enough of it! Take care.