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Monday, March 7, 2011

Done and Done

Interviews today went well....
One of the people that I interviewed with reminds me of how I think my dad would be if I ever interviewed with him.  Tough, not easily impressed, not forthcoming with the compliments but when he gives you one makes you feel like a million bucks.
I learned a lot from this experience.  It has been a while since I truly interviewed for a job...I temped at the place where I am not for two years doing the job that they hired me for and worked under the boss that I have now who hand picked me for the job I am in.
I learned that there is not a right answer in the world when you are interviewing.
I have to be more comfortable with silence
Just because you don't think you answered their question doesn't mean that you didn't and really they will tell you if you haven't even if you babble on for longer than you should.
Sometimes, they want to watch you squirm and other times they want to test your ability to think on your feet.
I learned that I have a lot to learn about myself.  It still makes me nervous when I interview and I need to be able to articulate more concisely the aspects I want to convey (see note about babbling above)
I am glad I don't work for a company that requires me to wear a suit every day
Sometimes the person interviewing you really is just as uncomfortable as you are
Often you are able to surprise someone who knows you relatively well within the confines of what you do now with something you have done in the past and they are genuinely impressed by what you say.
And yes, it is okay to get carried away and bring your own ideas in to answer the questions, because just maybe they haven't thought of that before...
I don't know if I got the job.  It would be nice...it would set out a path for me...but I just don't know.  I don't know enough about who else applied, or really what kind of experience they are looking for...mostly because I am not sure they are sure about that.  I asked the questions, I laid out a plan and now I just have to wait and see if they like me best.
Like many other things in my life, I am glad for the experience.  Yes, I want the job.  yes I think I would be good at the job.  If I don't get the job, there will be a moment of disappointment and a look down the road to see what else is on the path...
My paper is done for tonight, it is late and I am sleepy.  My kitties are curled up here again and ready for me to go to bed.  We have two more nights of temperatures in the teens before it is supposed to stay above freezing for the foreseeable future...that is exciting..spring is 12 days away and I for one can't wait.
Be well my dear friend.  I know the path is long, sometimes dark, sometimes you can't see around the bend, but there is light on the path ahead, it will straighten out and I know something great is waiting for each one of you.
 Hugs and love!


  1. I wish you well with the job application, and I know you will let us all know the outcome. I shall be so glad when it finally gets a bit warmer! I love that last sentence, "I know the path is long....."I hope that will bring comfort to all those who need it today.

  2. glad the interview went well and sending postive thoughts that you get the job

  3. Absolutely nothing bad or negative about this post girl. Glad you feel so well about everything and I am sure others will benefit from this encouraging post.

  4. There's always something positive to come out of an interview. Even if it's you knowing full well that after the interview you wouldn't want to work for such idiots. I hope you get it but if not, something really good is going to come along. Walk tall!

  5. i haate silence...but i love it too. a long pause sometimes says more than words....

    i hate interviews on either side, but i do not mind doing sales calls, which are kinda like interviews...

    i know i am odd..

    i am conflicted..

  6. Hey...good luck...I hop you'll bag that job....I am sure you will...