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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday's List

Things to smile about this week so far:
A weekend of snuggle time with my honey.
A new steam mop (all hardwood floors in the house...this is the best invention EVER)
Yummy pot roast (edited: thanks Skippy!  I don't proofread well!)
Interviews at work
the sun was out today...it was 19 degrees out- but it looked pretty from inside
tax return came back (YAY!!)
Blue potatoes in my crop share box this week (YUM)
And most exciting of all....I had all of the stitches removed from my eye today.
Just a bit of background on that....I have an eye disease called keratoconus (click here if you want to know more..it's really not all that exciting) but basically my cornea due to a genetic condition was cone shaped instead of rounded.  So my doctor decided to do a transplant.  The surgery itself was pretty straight forward- gross cause it has to do with the eye- but straight forward.  It was on the way home from the surgery that dear hubby passed out behind the wheel of the car on the interstate and hit a guard rail...so the aftermath was horrid...but that's another story for another time...anyway because of the environment, the graft for the transplant takes a really long time to fully take...so they leave stitches in...well I had my surgery in June of 2008 so it's been a really long time and one of them decided yesterday to break.  When I went in today the doctor said that everything looked good with the graft so we could take the rest of the stitches out...which was a little bit of an ordeal but all is right and my eye, though sore, feels less irritated which is awesome.  hopefully back to new before too much longer...
As it is late (again) and freezing (literally it is -5 degrees without the windchill) I am going to go crawl into bed with my hubby (who has been there for almost three hours) and have warm up my freezing cold hands (oil heat it almost as expensive as gas is a gallon....I can't wait for winter to be over..but until then..54 degrees is awfully cold inside).
I hope this finds you all warm and comfy, snuggled up in pj's with a warm cup of tea (cocoa, bailey's irish cream whatever) in your corners of the world.  Hugs to you all.


  1. Okay - hubby passing while driving is SCARY. And you just having surgery. eek

    And what exactly is a pot road? I love me some pot roast ::wink:: but I don't know...giggle

    Glad your eye is feeling better - and that "tea" sounds delish. I want.

  2. 2008?? That's a long time girl, glad you are all better. It is 29 in NC this morning so we are not out of this winter yet. By this afternoon it will be nice though. Typical NC weather. Have a wonderful friday.

  3. Gosh, that must have been really frightening, with hubby passing out like that, and you having just had your op! Scary, but so pleased that the stitches are out. It's been a long time, so now it's onward and upward!! Hope you have a smiley weekend!

  4. wow hubby passing out scary

    glad you are feeling better

    yum pot roast

  5. Nic...I went through a few eye surgeries with my Dad when he was living with us and it was not fun so I feel for you. Hope you're back to 100% ASAP. I can't believe it's still so cold up there. It's horrible. Snuggling with hubby is always the best. Love you and glad to be back and catching up on blogs.

  6. yikes tunking a car is never fun.

    i had two surgeries on my left eye and both were unpleasant..

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