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Monday, March 21, 2011


It is snowing again....they upped the estimated amount to six inches...I can't even deal with this right now...I HATE the snow.
i am done with the bitching about the weather
Did I mention that I broke my toe yesterday?  It hurts....it sucks..and there's nothing I can do about it other than look at the bruise that is spreading up my whole foot.
In other news...my family member that was making choices....she has made them.  She is doing what is best for herself and her kids and she is going through hell making those choices.  I have a very strong opinion on this situation and have found it best to step back...but I also realized that she needs support...so I am trying to figure all that out too...slowly.
It's a crazy week....but I am sure that there will be some hidden smiles in there...
Hope you all have an awesome week...good luck with whatever adventures you will undertake this week!


  1. A broken toe is so friggen' painful. I broke my two end toes when I was about 13. I couldn't walk right for weeks. Black and blue is right. I feel so bad. Ice helped a lot. Pain meds, advil, something like that. Ohhh I feel so bad for you sweetie. Sounds like stepping back is the right thing to do for now and when she needs you be there. My 2 cents for the day! Hugs Nic.

  2. ouch, ouch, ouch... broken toes suck big time! there's nothing you can do for them, either except ice (like Barb said).

    feel for ya on the family member thing. stepping back is probably a good choice. we don't always have to agree with someone to give them support in their decision. maybe you can find a common ground in there somewhere.

    cheers... good luck - and sorry about the toe!

  3. hugs darln, broken toes are the pits.

  4. OMG girl if you didn't have bad luck you wouldn't have any at all. Snow & broken toe and family problems. I look at what I call problems and think, what was I thinking? Hang in there Col and know we are pulling for you and praying for a turn around in situations. I know the toe will be just a time thing until it heals.

  5. yuck no more snow and ouch hope your toe gets better soon

  6. The snow is just unbelievable. I love the stuff, but I have to admit even I would be pulling my hair out at this point.

    So sorry to hear about your foot. OUCH. Try and keep a slipper on it for cushion, I find that helps. Looks funny when you have a shoe on the other foot ;D but it works.

    Sending you big hugs - wish I could send along the cane - that helps too! :D

    Take care sweetie.

  7. Really sorry about the snow! It needs to go away now - enough is enough!! So sorry to hear about your broken toe. Gosh, that must have been SO painful. Hope you're managing to hobble around okay. Think you're doing the best thing to step back from that situation with the family member. Otherwise you won't be able to do right for doing wrong! Hope you find some smiles this week little friend.