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Sunday, March 20, 2011


It is finally quiet in this house...
no hammering
no drilling
no swearing
no yelling
no sawing
This weekend was a treat...my inlaws made it down at about noon yesterday.  We made progress on the bathroom...kind of..
The room is completely gutted.
The plaster is cleaned up from in there
We went to Lowe's this morning and spent an hour and a half gathering copper couplings, wyes, pvc pipe, cement and other miscellaneous shit necessary items to get the pipes relocated.  Got home, unloaded and I started to work on my paper that was due.  My mother in law "needed something to putter at" so she proceeded to start cleaning my house.  Great...love the comments about how she was going to get into places that haven't been swept for months...I worked on my paper and generally tried to tune her out.
We went out to another hardware store to get some more stuff...twice..
The end result
The sewer pipe is moved, my hubby has a list and we still have plaster dust all over the house.
I am grateful that they could get stuff done but now it will be the middle of April before they can work together on this project again....ugh.
I have written before about my mother in law.  She's a piece of work.
The one thing that drives me insane about this weekend is that she wasn't going to come down.  I had to work on two papers this weekend because we are up there next weekend for my nephew's birthday party.  My final paper for my class is due a week from Monday....hence I don't have next weekend to do the work...she came...and needed to be doing something...I heard a lot of
Well, obviously we have stuff that we can do around here while they work
We can't just sit here and do nothing
You don't mind if I  (fill in the blank with some sarcastic comment about how bad of a housekeeper I am).
I got one paper done.  Luckily it's the one that is due tomorrow..
So in between work and everything else this week I need to try to get the final paper done...
She came down the stairs tonight with her bag and said "oh shoot, I wanted to sweep your stairs, obviously not something you have time to do".
Obviously not, can I hand you the broom?
Maybe you can fly home on it.
I sound like an ingrate and I am really quite grateful that my father in law can help and that he has gotten much better about coming down here...and she really does motivate me to get things done when she's here...but really I had stuff to do this weekend...I could have curled up and gotten work done instead of babysitting.
Hope you all had an awesome weekend...

BTW- we are supposed to get 2-4 inches of snow tomorrow.


  1. I can't believe you are getting yet more snow. Grrr...

    Good job on the paper.

  2. No More Snow! I order it! Honestly, Nic, I don't miss New England for anything except for my son and grandkids. It's so depressing this far into the year. Soon, I promise!!! Hugs and don't let the MIL comments get to you. Hey, you got free housekeeping while you got your work done.

  3. Sorry you had to host while having to get your papers done. I'm pretty lucky with my MIL. We get along great....aside from just showing up sometimes. I like a little more warning then a phone call.."I'm on my way" :)

  4. I think you were very good to keep your calm with comments like that from your MIL. I loved your comment "Maybe you can fly home on it". What's the point of dusting when you have work like that going on in the house anyway?! It gets everywhere. Does she not know that! Glad you got your paper finished anyway, Col! Keep smiling.