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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Awesome weekend

I spent an awfully lot of time with my hubby this weekend.  He had to work yesterday so I rode along with him.  We talked and laughed and bought a new stove.  We have been looking for a stove for the last year or so...and we found a closeout stove that we got for half off....plus we had gift cards from my parents and my work so it ended up not costing us anything....so nice....they are delivering it on Weds so that will be really nice.
I went shopping yesterday for a new suit....I LOVE what I bought...some of my friends will understand how tough shopping for an off the rack suit is when  you are not a size four.  But I found one that I really like..it's kinda funky and will be something that I will wear again.  I can't wait until these interviews are over.  One way or another, I will know at the end of the week if I have a new job.  This position would be really great, but if I don't get it, I know of another one that I would be just as interested in that will be opening next month.
We went grocery shopping yesterday at a couple of my favorite stores that we don't go to anymore because they are too far away...so that was fun.
I need to start working on my paper that's due tomorrow so I will start that tonight....I am revved up about my interviews tomorrow so I will be able to get some solid work done tonight on that as sleeping is tough when I feel like this.
I hope that you all enjoyed your weekends....thinking of you and hoping you had some down time!!


  1. Crossing my fingers for your jobs interview!! Glad you had a great weekend!

  2. good luck tomorrow and glad you had a good weekend

  3. sounds like a great weekend! good luck tomorrow - i understand the suit shopping dilemma. i've yet to find something to wear to my yet-to-be scheduled interview (i just know it's going to happen; just don't know when - of course, they haven't called me yet but they will:))

  4. What a wonderful weekend...I think you will get this job, it just feels right.

  5. goood luck on the job front! fingers and toes crossed!

  6. Good luck with the interview and it was so good to see such a good report on the weekend. My wife and I were laughing saturday about how we can be so entertained by just being in one of the better grocery stores. The really good ones have so many neat things that you never see in the run of the mill stores. Check out my blog and you will see what else happened saturday that was so special to me. Have a great week.