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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Post

I had this great post planned for today...because yesterday it was almost 65 degrees out- it was sunny and there were patches of grass in my yard.
I was going to take pictures for all of you because I have been complaining about how spring in never going to get here.
I didn't do it yesterday cause we are in the middle of removing walls and there is horsehair plaster dust all over my house.  I have been trying to clean as we go...I have quite that task because it just keeps getting worse.  I will have some pictures for you all and hopefully a new bathroom this weekend but it will take me a month to get the plaster dust out of the house.
Anyway.....so I figured I would get up this morning and take the pictures- I had it all planned out...the green was going to grace this page...finding some new life....yay happy smiles.
I woke up and it's snowing..
not just any snow..
but heavy wet gross snow
And it has covered every single piece of the grass that was showing...the driveway...it's nasty...
and it means that the windows are closed so the plaster dust is just swirling in the house.
I am going to go rip down another wall.....gets some of the frustration out!
Hope you all have an awesome saturday!


  1. It's coming, I promise. It's really coming. You can look at my blog for sunshine and warmth. I put up a couple pics.

  2. Oh no! more snow. What a pain. I can imagine how disappointed you must have felt when you woke up and saw it!! Never mind, you'll appreciate the spring even more when it finally does arrive!! Look forward to seeing piccies of the new bathroom!

  3. This has just got to stop. Goodness it is almost April.

    I am sending you good, warm, sunshiney thoughts that it melts by tonight and the sun comes up tomorrow.

    Have fun with the walls :)

  4. You have my deepest sympathy Col. I know it must be frustrating but it can't last forever.