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Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend projects

It's been a busy couple of days at our household.  My inlaws were down for the weekend to help with some projects around the house.  Kind of scary when going back to work seems like you are doing less work.  However, we got a lot accomplished.
A new door:
and a bonus light....yay!! Thanks to my hubby and wonderful father in law and all their hard work, we now can get to the deck to shovel this winter!!
Meanwhile, my mother in law and I in the kitchen made
some very pretty, red apple jelly, 11 jars of it to be exact...
By special request (from my father in law) we also made
orange marmalade.  This didn't set up right and will require some reprocessing, but there are 12 jars of that sitting on my kitchen counter.   Along with the 10 pints and 2 quarts of apple sauce, another apple pie and two loaves of apple bread, I can safely say that I have broken in my canner this year.  It was great fun, as I have never made jelly before....not sure that I am ever going to make it again...but it was good to try.

Fall is here, and tonight is the first night that it will be below freezing.  I need to get out and take some pictures of the trees before all the leaves drop onto the ground.  It's nice to feel like we have accomplished a bunch around the house this summer before it snows.  Means that we can concentrate on finishing up the kitchen and maybe the downstairs bathroom this winter....fun fun...it never ends....
But, i have a door and a light and was able to use the grill on the deck for the first time the other night....it really can't get much better than that!!


  1. I want orange marmalade too. heehee - it all sounds so good.

  2. Skippy- if I can figure out how to thicken- I will send you some!! Although figuring out how to mail it might be challenging....can I interest you in some apple sauce???