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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lists of smiles

This has been an insane week and I am writing this as I clock out at work for my last late shift of the week!!
Smiles for the week:
Dates with my hubby- what could have turned into a horrid week with us working opposite shifts- turned into us making a couple of hours here and there and having dinner or lunch and talking and trying to squeexe everything in and actually having meaningful conversation!
Today's lunch date with my hubby was the best of the week- with me fully dressed up as a convict (complete with sleevers of fake tattoos and striped pants on) and him shrugging his shoulder and holding my hand as we walked into the restaurant
Winning second place in our Halloween decorating contest....always awesome to win and we working damn hard on this one.
Being able to be a bit silly at work today with the Halloween festivities
Last week of economics (one more paper YAY) and I am officially more than halfway done with my MBA
Shopping with a coworker at lunch time yesterday
Dinner date with an awesome friend on Monday
Catching up this morning with my aunt finally on the phone
Knowing that with the exception of getting my paper done this weekend- I am going to be able to do whatever I want to- like making cheese and thickening orange marmalade
Lots of comments on my blog this week....I love comments on my blog....I am a lurker...have been for a long time but am trying to leave comments this week...cause I know that they make me smile when I see them...so I am sure that they make others smile!
Being able to finally leave my office today!!
Hope everyone has a good night!


  1. Never a better time when I get to come over here and see your smiles. They make ME smile and I love it!

    Now you have to post pics of you Halloween costume AND you winning decorations. It is only fair! :)

    Hugs! You just have the happiest blog around and I applaud you for that.

  2. Yes your comments are a very good thing. I so enjoy them as it lets me get to know you more. Sounds like you had a pretty good week if you ask me!!! Hugs.

  3. What, you're a lurker??
    Well, that's ok, as long as you've been lurking over at my blog :)...ok, even if you haven't, I have to say congrats on winning second place in the Halloween contest!
    And I was also going to say, aren't the best husband/wife times, the ones we have to sneak in? I had an impromptu lunch with my hubby today, and when we left the restaurant, I turned to him and said, "I'd forgotten how much fun you are!"

  4. Skippy- I am not sure that I made it into the pictures today.. I will post pics of the decorations!!
    Sandra- I definitely lurk at your blog...I am getting better about leaving comments..
    Barb- Thanks!! It's been a pretty good week!

  5. Great list,
    Great idea for the costumes too!!!!