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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Snuggle time!

I had an amazing weekend.  There were so many reasons to smile this weekend that I lost track of all of them.  The baby is adorable and such a little peanut.  He snuggles right in and just sleeps and sleeps and sleeps.  He, like most babies, is totally spoiled and doesn't ever get put down during the day so he likes the ability to just snuggle right into that crook in your neck and breathe his little baby breath.  We did go out shopping the other day with both of my nephews and my sister.  My nephew wanted these pirate rain boots.  He wanted them so badly and we had all said no,  the conversation we had went like this:
J-Aunt cole I want them.
Me- Nephew, I am not sure you need them
J- Aunt cole I NEEEEEED them
Me- I don't know
J- Call uncle meatball and tell him I need them.
Me- Okay I will buy them for you..you are too stinking cute.
So I bought the boots.  He sat in the middle of the floor of the store to put them on.  He wore them all weekend.  He is too cute.
I got to spend time with my brother.  We went to see Cirque Du Soleil Ovo- amazing show. The woman at the box office was amazing because I bought tickets for the wrong night and didn't even realize it. I bought tickets for Oct. 15th.  She exchanged the tickets and we actually ended up with better seats than we had.  It was an amazing show and so nice to spend quality time with my brother.
Hung out with my mom and dad all weekend and my aunt ended up driving down from Connecticut.  It was so nice to be surrounded by that feeling of home.
I would never live down there--I don't think that I could but it is so nice to go and visit and spend time with everyone.  Nice to know that although I am looking in from the outside most of the time, that when I get there I can re-enter the fold.
Smiles all around, even getting off the plane last night.  Nice to go and visit and nice to come home.  It was a welcome break from my everyday life and leaves my heart full, my soul rejuvenated and my mind refocused on what really matters.


  1. ::pouting:: When I see "Snuggle Time" I expect pictures. Sigh [sorry I got really excited, ask Wallene!]....but your nephew sounds so, so cute!

  2. Skippy- I wish I could post pics but my sister has asked me not to post pics of the kids.......sorry...he is definitely a cutie...

  3. Ohh I totally understand! I thought we were going to get cutie pics of Benjamin :) when I saw the title. I completely understand - but you are a great Aunt. I bet the boots were too cool!