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Thursday, October 7, 2010

List of smiles this week

My list this week...so far..
I don't have to take vacation time for tomorrow (means i worked two twelve hour days...but this is about the positives)
Hubby  having dinner ready every night this week
Another week down in my economics class...halfway through
New clothes in the mail
free upgrades on the plane tomorrow
apple sauce in the crockpot (again)
getting on a plane tomorrow to meet my nephew
Hanging out with my mom for the weekend
Knowing (hoping) that my hubby is getting work done at the house this weekend while I am away.
My husband waking me up in the am by singing to me :)
A date with my brother tomorrow night...
Now I have to go pack!!

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  1. A list of smiles. I like it. Mmm, apple sauce in the crockpot...yum. You post made me smile today.