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Trying to remember that there is always a reason, always something that makes you smile during the day- recognizing the event, person or situation that made you smile will make your day seem that much better.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Late nights and opposite schedules

I am sitting at home with my cat snuggling my neck on the back of the couch waiting for my hubby to get home.  He needed to work late again tonight as did I.  He called me at six and asked me how late I was going to be- when I told him I didn't know he said okay and we got off the phone.  About half an hour later, dead on my feet, I walked out and saw him in his truck right behind my car.  He wanted to surprise and have a quick dinner before he needed to go back to work.  I think it's the most time we have spent together all week.  Gotta love those late nights at work!

Other than that, the second half of the day was spent decorating the department for Halloween.  It actually turned out pretty good and was pretty fun to do.  I will be happy when it's all over tomorrow.

A lot of my blog friends seem to be doing a 30 day challenge and as I read them I think it would be fun, although not really what this blog is about....I am debating on doing it...what do you think??  Do you want to hear about that stuff or should I just stick to the things that make me smile.

I got two packages tonight when I got home (who doesn't love getting mail that aren't bills).  I got my text book for my next class (Managerial Finance...ughh) and my cheese making kit!!! I opened it up right away.  I am super super excited to make some cheese.  We will see how it comes out.  Hubby and I (mostly me) decided that we are going to try to avoid the grocery store this winter.  We are part of a winter crop share program with one of the local farms here- boxes of organic veggies every three weeks from November through April (delivered to work...a bonus) and we are buying a pig and half a cow from an organic farm in Northern Maine...so I figure I will make bread on a weekly basis...and we will have to buy eggs, milk, coffee and cheese...and now I can make my own cheese! It's worth a try...we will see how much we like it....
That's all for tonight...hope everyone is well...let me know what made you smile today!


  1. oh lordy - homemade cheese? I would actually gain weight that just sounds so delicious. Yum. Is it hard to do?

    I love our co-op during the summer [we don't have winter ones here] such a wide variety of interesting fruits and vegetables.

    You husband was so sweet to meet you for dinner. :) He's a keeper! heehee

    As for the challenge - I would love to read your answers as I am getting a big kick out of everyone else's. I have to admit it really makes you think tho'. And even though some of the subjects can appear daunting I do actually find myself smiling through some of them. Like yesterday's. It was nice to remembering Paul, y'know? Also I do post in between [or in addition to] the challenge, so you could always fit your smiles in. :)

    Hope you have a great day!

  2. Sweetie...you can write about anything you want. There are no rules to your own site. I would love to hear your replies to them. It's so interesting to see how others think about things and to write about experiences they've had. I got hooked immediately.

  3. I would also like to read about the challenge if you decide to do it :)
    That is so cool about the winter crop share program! What a great idea, if only everyone could do that!
    What made me smile today? My Ray made dinner :)