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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday Alone Time

Hubby had to work again this morning.  So I am sitting here thinking about the paper that I need to write wishing I could get motivated to get it done and then I will have all night tonight and all day tomorrow to do nothing....it's not really working!!
I have a sleeping kitty behind my back who is snoring...this is making me chuckle this morning.
I have decided to show you guys my babies who are an endless source of smiles and comfort to me!!



They are nine years old this year.  Hubby found them on a job site when they were about a week and a half old at the vets best guess and they have been ours ever since.  I fed them with a syringe and then a bottle and brought them with to work for the first month of their lives- they think they are children, eat table food and snuggle pretty much when ever there is someone available.  


  1. OMG they are sooo cute We have two like that around here who have worked their way up to getting fed on the deck. I don't want them inside. They belong to I don't know who. But they are cute never the less. Bruce likes to sneak them some table scraps sometimes...(like I don't know about it, haha)

  2. If those four babies don't bring a smile to your face every single day I would say your mouth is broken. heehee - Holy goodness they are just precious!

    We can't have kitties, but I wouldn't mind sharing yours. Please more pics, smiles and stories. I need to borrow! :)

  3. New follower! The cats sold me...I can't wait to have a small cat family of our own over in Australia. Hed hed down under

  4. They are beautiful :) Thanks for sharing the pics!!!

  5. Gorgeous cats. Made me smile too.