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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sick to my stomach

And not from too much drinking either ( I know you all thought that :)...
I have set up my phone so that the grooms parents...my best friends parents..could see the wedding tonight as they are unable to travel at this time.
I took everything down to the beach to try it out today...
came back up to the room and my phone is no where to be seen.
I am literally sick to my stomach.
Losing my phone....big deal sure cause my entire life is on there..
Them not being able to see this wedding is devasting.
Please...if you read this...prayers, thoughts to the universe that we are able to find it are so needed right now....I am not sure that I would be able to handle the disappointment.


  1. Offering up prayers to St Anthony that you will find the phone. What a bummer, Col, after you had set everything up. I can imagine how disappointed you must feel. Let us know if you find it! Got everything crossed for you.

  2. I'm keeping everything crossed that you find it - good luck! x

  3. No wonder you're sick to your stomach. You will find it.. Everything will turn out. I'm just sure of it. Thinking of you and hoping all goes well my dear! Hugs!

  4. praying for you on this. retrace your steps just to make sure you didn't drop it between here and there. lift the bedcovers and check there. look under the bed.

    i'm sure you've done all that, but...

  5. I hope by now you have found it and everything turned out okay. I am so sorry you had this panic, but I am sure it worked out for the best.

    I bet the wedding was lovely and even if you didn't find your phone at least their [should be] is a video of it.

    Good luck Col. Hope your tummy is settled.

  6. i'll cross everything i have in hopes you find it

  7. I hope it has turned up it is so upsetting when we lose something like our phones as you said most of us have our whole life on our phones.........