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Monday, August 1, 2011

My kitty (2)

Well he's home...
and none to happy about his adventure today... the doctor did all kinds of tests and gave him all kinds of shots through his catheter in his leg.  They think that he has pancretitis and an infection.  They also say that he has diabetes.  

He is none too happy about his latest fashion accessory..."Mom, don't they know I'm a boy....I shouldn't have pink on my arm...why is it still there".  Trying to explain to him that he needs to go back in the morning for more fluids and maybe some more antibiotics...

He was unimpressed to say t he least.

But at least he's okay and this is a treatable condition.  We will have more instructions once the infections and stuff clear up....how do you think he's going to like the needles??

Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers today...I'm gonna go snuggle with my baby...


  1. Well that's good news. He's home. Sorry to hear he's sick. Strange how animals can get diabetes like humans. He'll feel better sleeping in your bed next to you tonight I'm sure. Poor baby. Hugs!!

  2. I hate to giggle Col, but he looks a bit peeve off, especially with the pink dressing. heehee

    I am truly happy he is going to be fine with treatment. Your the good Mommas and he will be babied wonderfully. It is what us Mommas do.

    Nice pictures. I know he isn't happy, but he sure is a pretty boy.

  3. *you're, sigh...typing too fast again

  4. Pink on a boy how gay is that.........lol Sorry kitty also sorry that I do not know your name so can't use it here........unless Kitty is your name and in that case sorry again........

    I do have to say you do not look like a happy kitty.

  5. Hi Col. I agree with Skippy. He does look pretty miffed, especially about wearing that little pink thing! Bless! Great photos though. So glad that it is something that can be treated. Give him a big cuddle from all of us!

  6. I am so glad it something treatable. Rocky had to go to the vet yesterday because he was having respiratory problems and got his meds changed so he should do better now. Take care and have a great rest of the week.