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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pickling today..

Two bushels of cucumbers...
That's a lot of vegetables.
Makes a lot of pickles.
The latest count is thirty six quarts, five pints and 9 half gallon jars.
Five gallons of vinegar, two bunches of dill and a lot of garlic.
Here the starting pictures

No finished pictures yet, still waiting for them to cool and seal.
It was great quality time with my husband. 
Still have half a sink full that we need to do something with....but we are out of jars so that will wait until tomorrow.
Hope that you all had a fantastic weekend..
hugs and lots of love to you...


  1. That's a lotta pickles!!! Wow. But it must be rewarding knowing that these came from your garden. Good for you! Hugs and love to you!!

  2. Dang! A bazillion pickles - I am so jealous. :) Love pickles.

    We are over run with tomatoes right now - so I am making up soup and sauce. I wish my lovely in laws would give me some cucumber so I could make pickles too. heehee They didn't do too well here tho'.

    Enjoy. Can't wait to see the finished product too.


  3. Wow, that's quite a crop of cucumbers you picked from the garden ! You must have put something pretty good in the soil! That certainly is a lot of pickling to do, but lovely that it provided you with some good quality time with hubby.