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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I didn't get the job.
The feedback was amazing that I just received from the manager of the department.  Everything was good.
No one had any suggestions for things for me to work on.
They wanted someone from the outside.
I expected, I thought I was prepared.
I am really disappointed.


  1. Colenic I am so so sorry that you didn't get the job. Seems they had made their minds up before you even got there (((hugs)))

  2. i'm so sorry. that is such a tough blow. terribly sad.

  3. Oh Col - I am so sorry. It doesn't seem fair.
    Hugs sweet lady. Perhaps there will be something better in the future.

  4. So sorry girl but it does seem the odds were stacked against you before you even tried.

  5. That really sucks ift they wanted someone from the outside then shouldn't they had told you that to start with.....

  6. Bum! So sorry you didn't get the job, Col. I really hate it when Companies take on people from the outside. It just doesn't seem fair, and certainly doesn't encourage loyalty, does it?! Almost makes a mockery of the whole interview process, when they know that they're never going to give it to somebody already with the company :( Never mind my friend. Perhaps something even better is waiting for you just round the corner :)