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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


YAY!! my first giveaway..
so I was going to find some random generator thing and use that...
I was going to put your names in a hat and pick one...
Then I decided...EVERYONE wins...
There were 9 or 10 of you who entered....so you all win!
The problem is I am not really sure what yet.
So tell me, what would you like to win...other than the normal trips, plane tickets etc....those are a little out of my price range!
For all you international folks, what can I send you from the United States that you have always pined for?
For everyone: do you want something from Maine? Gift certificates? something homemade? Food? Are any of you vegetarians??
I also caution that while I have the best intentions of getting this stuff out this week....it might have to wait until I am done with school in 12 days.....just saying...
So let me know your thoughts....
I am off to work for the day...hope that your day is fantastic...hugs!


  1. Col you are just "too" sweet, lovely & generous. Have I got you feeling good? How about a photo of you and your hubby I can have on my desk to remind me of you daily? Just a thought since I don't really "need" anything. My address is:
    Odie Langley, Jr.
    P.O. Box 1056
    Battleboro, NC 27809

    Thanks for the thought no matter what.

  2. Hi Col. I'm not sure I'm included in your 9 or 10, but I did enter. As you know, I come from England, and I see that you live in Maine. I have always wanted to visit New England (especially in the Fall!), so perhaps a little (very light) souvenir from your area? You are being very generous today my friend.

  3. Anything from you is a true gift. Whatever you decide I"m sure it will be priceless.

  4. Whatever you think, will be fine, especially since you will have to post it to Scotland. What a lovely surprise to find that we are all winners :)

  5. Wow! What ever you chose will be a delight to hold.

  6. congrats to you for your first giveaway and to all the winners :D