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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday's Smiles

It's been a very warm week....it's so nice.
Some are complaining that it's too hot....but really I hate the winter so I will take the hot weather...
I have plants growing.  We have sprouts for zucchini plants, the cucumbers are starting to peak through and I have a potato plant that is taking over a pot that I have it planted in.  This is our first year of trying to grow a large number of things....so it's exciting...
Work has been a bit insane..busy for sure...
I only have eleven days left of school...I am pretty excited about that...I have about 20 pages to write...
I booked both my summer trips...to my parents house in July for my dad's 55th birthday and then Florida in August....I really can't wait to get away for a little while..
I slept the other night...only three nights without sleeping...I did fall asleep without sleeping pills which is always good cause when I take my sleeping pills when I wake up I feel like I drank an entire bottle of tequila the night before....
You are all a reason to smile....although honestly no help at all with my giveaway prizes :)
I will try to pick something that you will all enjoy....I will tell you that they will probably not go out until after school is done....
We had our first grilled zucchini today....yum...with chicken.  So good...I love summer
Not much planned this weekend...I am going to try to stay motivated and get two papers done...not sure that's going to happen but I am going to do my very best..
Well my dears, we are in the middle of a thunderstorm so I am going to shut down for the evening.  I love summer night thunderstorms!! Hugs and love to all of you....hope that you are smiling about something new today!!


  1. I am going to the farmer's market this weekend - I must have grilled zuchinni. LOVE the stuff.

    We have had a thunderstorm trying to happen all evening - great light show, little boomers, but no rain. Guess that's good, but I really like storms. :)

    Sleep well my friend.

  2. Love what keeps you smiling. I love thunder storms and hot weather!! Good luck on being productive this weekend :D

  3. Sounds like you are enjoying the weather. Me too. Yes it's August hot here but compared to the cold my arthritic joints move a bit better. I'll take it anyway I can get it. Enjoy your weekend. Hugs!!

  4. be sure and wave to me when your in FL. my little one had his last day of school today he is officially a 6th grader.

    Everyday Life