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Monday, June 20, 2011

Manic Monday

This weekend was a bit intense for me....paper writing, traveling, baby showers, game night, father's day and more papers....it was exhausting...
The baby shower went well...for those who asked..here is a picture of the diaper cake I made
Is it cute?  I think that this one came out particularly well.  Hubby decided that I should make them and sell them..I am not so sure about that..they are a lot of work....but she loved it which is always good.

After the shower we headed back to my sister in laws for the pampered chef party...which was fun...I guess.  I ordered a bunch of stuff half of which I don't need....but some that just might show up on someone's doorstep.   David's other cousin (the one who got married in vegas last year) and his wife came over and we played board games and had a few cocktails....it was a good time.  David had made plans to go out with one of his buddies from high school so it was nice to be doing something other than hanging out at his parent's house.  Went to breakfast for father's day and headed home to finish the paper.  
At work today hubby sent me these:

Very pretty....there were stargazer lilies in there as well, but they found a home in another vase away from my desk because they were quite potent.

Got home from work and changed into my comfy clothes, made hamburgers on the grill, caught the grill on fire (just the bottom pan...hubby had cleaned the burners and neglected to tell me that he hadn't cleaned out the bottom part of the grill...we had flame broiled burgers...and a hell of a mess to clean up before we use the grill again...best part was dessert:

peanut butter smores from the oven...YUM!!!

And just for fun...our very first piece of produce that is growing in our garden....a pepper!!

teeny tiny yet, but it's the first one!!

It was glorious coming home and not having to do any homework...it's been a while since I had a Monday night I could do that...talked with a friend on the phone without feeling guilty and am getting ready to go to bed.  Thanks for all your well wishes on my last post...i am quite excited.  I am going out with a couple of friends tomorrow night for a drink or two to celebrate....so relieved to finally be done...

Hope all is going well in your corners of the world.  Remember tomorrow is the longest day of the year....we always used to try to stand an egg on its end on this day of the year- the small end...not the other one...something about the way the earth, sun and moon line up and the gravitational pull.  Used to spend hours trying to do it....got it every year...but not until after some frustration...hope the longest day of the year brings extra smiles, extra love and blessings to you all....


  1. Your guy is the sweetest! So pretty. Sure smile there.
    The smores rock! :)

    Hugs & love sweetie

  2. Great looking flowers and loved the happy post today my friend.

  3. That cake came out beautiful. I've seen some that were not that pretty. You are talented. Pampered Chef has some really good stuff. I haven't seen or heard of them around here. I have their cheese knife and it's fantastic. I regret never getting their chopper but at the time I had a chef at home and he chopped everything with a knife in about 3 seconds. haha. Do they still have their apple cake mix? If you haven't had it, try it. OMG it's out of this world. Hugs sweetie. Oh, great flowers too. What a guy!

  4. what a cool cake and what a lovely hubby sending you flowers :)

  5. That was quite some cake that you made there - awesome! What beautiful flowers your hubby sent you. That was thoughtful. Yay for the first Pepper in the garden! Hugs to you my friend.

  6. how sweet of him and what an awesome cake

  7. The smores look yummy, and the flowers ars so pretty lucky you if my Tim bought me flowers I would be in shock as he just doesn't do things like that.......