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Monday, June 20, 2011

Psstt 3

Guess what?
No really guess?
I don't have to whisper any more
Or wonder if my hubby is peering over my shoulder
Or count how many more minutes I can waste have on a stupid computer game or reading blogs or typing blogs
I don't have to worry about what time midnight is in Utah
I don't have to write one more paper
Respond to one more discussion post
Spend crazy amounts of money on text books
Rush home from one more weekend
Pass up another Thursday happy hour
Research one more quote
I am FINALLY finished.
Paper is turned in, discussion questions are responded to..
and you know what it's 12:30 and no one is awake to share it with..
So I turn to you all...not sure if you're awake or not...but I wanted to tell someone..
I am done and sitting here crying at my computer with relief, sadness and just awe that I actually did it.
Thanks to all of you for all your support....I am going to go up and wake up my hubby and tell him...love and hugs....


  1. Oh, how absolutely brilliant! Well done you - I can imagine the sheer relief you must be feeling, Col!! Be very proud of yourself my friend. You did good. Hugs.

  2. Darn, it's hug time and we are so far apart. Girl you are awesome and deserve some serious R & R. I know you must feel so relieved and proud of yourself at the same time. Nothing like a little excitement to start off a monday morning.

  3. YAY! I wish I had been awake last night to share your wonderful news - SO PROUD of you!

    Big love and hugs my friend. :D

    :skippyhappydance: for you!

  4. woo-hoo! proud of you! congrats!!! get some good rest and relaxation in. you deserve it.

  5. congrats sweetie and big hugs i'm so proud of you

    Everyday Life

  6. What an accomplishment Nic. Well done! So happy for you sweetie! Time for a huge celebration.