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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Random pictures

One of the fur babies favorite spots is in the sink in the new bathroom...apparently it's just the right size...

How does the garden grow??  I normally have a black thumb so the fact that the plants are growing is amazing to me....hopefully we will get some veggies..


 Lettuce....two different kinds

 Several different varieties of peppers
 I planted half a potato in a pot with some flowers....I think the flowers are getting eaten by the potato...which is kind of a bummer but will be interesting to see if the potato actually grows under the soil
 several different kinds of tomato plants..
Zucchini plants, more cucumbers and red cabbage
A picture of my fabulous hubby at lunch today...isn't he a cutie!!

Happy Saturday...


  1. I love plants! This made me very happy and made me want to go outside :D

  2. Aw, love the kitty in the sink picture! Thanks so much for your comment today - it made my day! :D

  3. I love looking at pictures and these were awesome. You should have plenty of veggies later. The one with the kitty in the sink was precious.

  4. Your husband is adorable - looks like he didn't want his pic' taken, but tell him he we said he is handsome and you need to share more.

    The cat in the sink made me laugh out loud! OMG! So sweet. Glad you bought the perfect size "just" for her. heehee

    Nice job on the garden. I have the blackest of all thumbs so I am truly impressed. Anxious to see if you get a potato out of the one pot. :D

  5. Wow, you go there Miss Gardener! Good for you for trying. I am a black thumb!! Love the kitty in the sink of all places. And so nice to get a pic of hubby. He has such a kind face. You can just see it. Very nice post Nic. Thanks!

  6. Would the cat be in the sink if you ran water in it.......do think it would be cool to see what kitty does if you did it.......lol

    Hope the vegies taste good, love the photo of hubby is there a reason he isn't looking at the camera....

  7. so cute, cats always find the perfect spot to sit.
    And lovely to see your garden growing so well. I really need to get out in mine

  8. He is so cute!! I love the cat in the sink, they are such odd creatures. Your garden looks like it is growing, maybe the cursed black thumb has moved on