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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday's List

I just finished my last set of discussion questions for my class.  One more paper and I am DONE!!
This has been a busy week....
Lots to smile about and a lot to just roll my eyes at and try to move past.
The sun has finally come out- which is always exciting...we had a pretty good stretch of rain so it was nice to feel the sun....
My plants appreciated the sun....we have blossoms on the tomatoes (okay so one but it still counts right?)..the cucumbers are growing, the peppers have little itty bitty baby beginning peppers on them and my lettuce needs to be picked
The outside cat is much less matted and we don't have to worry about fleas at the moment which is good...she hasn't forgiven hubby for shaving her yet- but at least we don't have to deal with skin infections because of the mats
my kitchen floor was washed tonight (that's the positive side to the pipe coming loose and spilling the blocked water all over the place....made me clean up the mess and wash the floor...always a bright side )
I am almost done with my class...that is pretty cool....I think that hubby finally got how much this really means to me today....not that he wasn't supportive in the past but it was kinda just something that I was doing and he would roll his eyes at...tonight we had a really good conversation about the whole thing and I think he finally gets it..
He was tickled by all your comments on his love note but told me I had to tell you that he doesn't do it often (or this is the first time in five years he did it) and he was sure that he did something that negated how cute it was throughout the day....he did manage to remind me why I love him and why he infuriates me so much all in one day.....isn't that the basis of a good relationship though....change it up a bit!
My grandfather is at home and is actually taking it easy for the moment...his blood pressure is finally back down to normal levels
I am caught up at work and although I am not at my goal for the month yet I am very close and with any luck should be there by the end of next week
I had a pretty big deal come through at the beginning of the week that made it's way up the food chain....good exposure with people I will hopefully be interviewing with soon for this new job
I am going to buy myself a new camera....a really snazzy one as a graduation present.  I want to go get it now..but I won't....once I find out my final grade...then I will go and buy it to celebrate my 4.0 haven't decided yet which one....I am in love with my Cannon Rebel film camera and they make one very similar to that in a digital but I am digging the new Nikon's too....
hubby still likes his not so new job and his stress level is lower..which is pretty awesome
I got my order in the mail this week of my new summer dresses that I bought for a steal....kinda excited about those...

Not a bad list for a busy stressful week....I have been thinking about my blog giveaway and still haven't decided what I am going to do for prizes...but at least I am thinking about it...hubby is too...he texted me today and said I think that xcxxx would be a good prize for your giveaway....I am not sure why I did the give away when I did knowing that I probably wasn't going to get to it immediately...but thanks for being patient with me....I can't wait to pull some stuff together...

I hope that this finds all of you well....I am having trouble commenting on some blogs and others have disappeared from my reader...but know that I am reading and that I am wishing all of you father's out there a wonderful father's day weekend.....I don't know if I will get back here before Sunday...I have to get a paper done.... hugs, love and lots of positive wishes to the universe for each of tonight!!


  1. sounds like a pretty good week, all in all. congrats on being nearly finished with school. i remember the feeling very well. i got both of my extended degrees after i had reached adulthood and had a family. lots of work. big congrats your way.

  2. well done you for finally getting to the end of your school work and I think you have chosen a really good reward for yourself. I am looking at getting myself a new camera too :)

  3. A very good week indeed and congratulations on doing so well with your class. As they say, you are in the short rows so git-her-done and we will be waiting patiently for you. Have a restful weekend.

  4. Hi Col. That was a pretty eventful week and well done you on getting to the end of the school work. I'm glad that hubby finally realized just how much it meant to you. You should be very proud of yourself my friend, and how wonderful to get a new camera to celebrate with! Hope you manage to get a relaxing weekend. Warmest wishes to you and hubby.