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Monday, June 13, 2011

So wrong....

That i am sitting here attempting to concentrate on work while my grandfather is in the hospital getting a cautherization right now. 
I wish I could be there but he was pretty adamant that we not come. 
Thoughts, prayers and wishes are asked for...whatever you believe...
This is the second one in less than a year....
He's a stubborn old man who I love to piece and hope taht he comes out of this okay..
My heart is breaking into a million pieces at the thought that he might not be okay...
not a good way to start a Monday...
Hugs and love to you all...


  1. sending hugs and positive vibes your way :)

  2. Good thought to you & him Col. He'll do gre@t Pls try *ot to worry sweetie. Hugs!

  3. positive thoughts and hugs for you all.

  4. I will be thinking of you and your grandfather and hoping everything goes well.


  5. More positive thoughts from sunny NC that all will be God's will

  6. Praying that your grandpa will heal and return to full health, and also for you and your family to find comfort.

  7. Oh sweetie I understand completely. Not being there makes it harder. Catherizations aren't too too bad. My husband had 8 and I had 1 so I know a tad bit about them. If you want to know anything or have questions please don't hesitate. I do send such positive thoughts and energies to your grandpa and to your family and you. Hugs and let us know how he is.

  8. So sorry to hear that your grandfather is poorly again, Col. It must be such a worry for you. Sending hugs to you, and prayers that your grandfather will soon be well again.

  9. Catherizations are not something I have heard about so have no idea what they are, but it would be awful not being able to be there. Sending hugs and warm wishes your way............

  10. sending you some positive thinking and some prayers hopefully all went well today :D