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Monday, June 13, 2011


Well- I don't know if it was all your good wishes or just the fact that my grandfather is a crotchety old man (said with much love and admiration) but he is home and doing fine.
The cauterization showed a partial blockage that they will be able to fix with medicine.
I talked to him tonight and he tells me I worry too much...
I know that death is a natural part of life...
I have seen it in many different ways...
However, I am a fortunate one- I knew all of my great grandparents-
My great grandmothers died when I was young (ish) around 12.  I didn't lose my great grandfathers until I was a senior in high school.  My other great grandmother died five years ago.
My other grandfather died when i was a senior in college- I can't believe that's been twelve years already.  I still miss him every single day.
These grandparents- my dad's parents- have been there for me through everything.
They lived an hour away when i was in college- closer than any other member of my family-
So I visited them on the weekends
I brought my dirty laundry to their house
I had holiday dinners with them when I couldn't make it home
I cried on their shoulders when I had my heart broken
They were at the college for random day trips- because they thought I needed to get off campus
They came to see the shows I directed or stage managed
They saw me on stage the time or two people managed to get me there
They would rescue me when I needed a break.
My pops would put his hand on my shoulder and squeeze and tell me that he was proud of me...
and still is the first one to get a hug when I go to their house.
He will just look at me through my wild and crazy stories and just shake his head and say "Nic"
He checks my oil and my tire pressure every single time before I leave their house
He is one of my soul mate....he understands me without me having to say a word and knows just what I need to hear..
He's a crotchety old man who can be stubborn as a mule...
but he has a heart of gold.
I know death is a part of life.
Selfishly- I am not ready for that part yet...and thankfully today, I got to hear him say "I told you nothing bad's going to happen...love ya Nic" one more time....
not the best picture every- but my grandparents dancing at my aunt's fiftieth party.


  1. That picture is just fine - great, in fact, what a lovely couple. I am so happy he will be fine.

    I know you will sleep well tonight and I smile for that. Your grandparents sound so special and you are/were very lucky to know so many - not many are that fortunate, but I can tell from your Grandpa he is one of the catalysts in your life that makes you the sterling person we love so much.

    Bless you all. Big happy smiles from VA! Hugs Col.

  2. Beautiful post today, Col, and I am so happy for you that your grandfather is well again. Death IS part of life but, fortunately, he will live to fight another day. I never knew either of my granddads, because they were both killed in the first World War. I am happy for you today my friend.

  3. The picture is awesome and I hope you many more wonderful years to enjoy them in your life. I never knew my great grandparents and all my grandparents died when I was quite young except my mothers mom and that was in my late teens. Have a wonderful tuesday.

  4. Nic...I'm sooooo happy the results were good. I just knew it! You are an incredibly lucky woman to have known all your grand and great grandparents. Wow! I tell my girls that they are very lucky to have their great grandma too except they are too young to appreciate it. I continue to send positive thoughts to your grandpa and to you too! Hugs Sweetie!

  5. what a great tribute to your grandparents! so glad that he's ok. my grandparents didn't live close when i was growing up so that is one reason i try to be as involved with Isaiah as I can. (and, wish I could be with the others as well.)