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Thursday, June 23, 2011

To whom it may concern**

There is a level of respect that is earned in any environment.  Whether at work or at home, one must conduct themselves in accordance to the level of respect that the others who are in said environment have earned.  When you make a decision that will impact others in the environment, you owe them an explanation that will make them feel that, although the decision may not be what they want or have anticipated, you respect them as individuals, colleagues or life partners.
If you fail to show this level of respect, said other person will lose respect for you and may not respond in a manner that you find appropriate.  While actions may be, as you deem, over the top, remember that you brought them on yourself by not treating someone with respect.   Respect is crucial in both the workplace and at home to maintain harmony and  happiness.  When you are disrespectful, please don't expect harmony or happiness.
There are actions that you should take immediately to rectify the situation.  A simple, that wasn't supposed to happen that way will not suffice.  An explanation of why you acted in such a disrespectful way is owed and a sincere apology, not necessarily for your actions, but for the disrespect is not only expected but may help you to regain control of the situation and help to avoid actions that will continue to be "over the top".  If you don't respect others enough to be straight forward and honest with them regardless of the conflict that this might cause, then you in turn will not be respected.
Respect is something that is earned.  It is not a given, and when lost is difficult to regain.  Re-establishing the respect will take time, it is not something that will happen over night, please don't expect it to be immediately rectified.
So before you act, please consider your actions carefully.  Consider the respect that you have for other individuals involved and how your actions may impact the respect that they have for you.  While the decision that you have to make may be difficult and uncomfortable for you, if you treat the person with respect, while they may be disappointed, they will remember how you treated them longer than they will remember the message that you delivered.  If you choose to not to treat them with the respect that they have earned, they will remember that for a lot longer.

**Hope that you are all are well.  These last few posts are out of the norm for me, but there is some stuff going on that I need to resolve in my head....and writing helps...I hope that you all have had much to smile about this week.  Hugs and love to all of you.


  1. Lots of smiles Nic. Lots of great smiles. Thanks! Hugs.

  2. You write wh@tever works for you Col - we love you & will *e here to liste-! Hugs sweetie!

  3. That is what this is all about Nic and yes it has been a good week. Take care and have a wonderful day.

  4. Hi Col. I agree with the others - well said indeed! Your words are so true. Hope you get all the thoughts sorted in your head. I've enjoyed the last few posts from you. Excellent my friend!

  5. very well said! say what ever you need to work through things. take care and hugs to you!

  6. So true, so very true it is sad that a lot of people do not get that respect is a two way street and just assume that because of the position they hold they will be respected but if they treat those around them with disrespect they disrespect is what they will get...........

    Sending hugs and smiles your way :)