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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Somebody got a hair cut....

and she's none too happy about it...but it got rid of the mats and it's cooler for the summer.

Hope you all had an awesome day....it was a long one here and I am going to go curl up with my other kitties and go to bed...hugs and love to you all!!


  1. I would love a hair cut or something done with my hair as at the moment I hate it.......but I have no money to go to the hairdressers and both hubby and daughter have been to busy to cut it for me.......oh well sometime soon I will do something with it have to think postive.............

  2. Cranky Kitty (shouldnt laugh but I did)

  3. Hee Hee! No, she's not looking very happy about it, is she?! I used to have a Persian Blue and he used to look like a little poodle when he was shorn! Hope all is well dear friend.

  4. oops tee hee hee, poor kitty!

  5. Yes you are definitely getting the "paw flip" eyes in those pics Col. giggle She does look adorable tho'.

    I noticed you said you were going to cuddle with your other kitties - does that mean that she is shunning you right now? heehee

  6. There is a trace of humor in it my friend and I am sure she will get over it eventually.
    Hugs to you too,

  7. lol - poor kitty. but, she does look like she'll be much cooler.