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Monday, January 30, 2012

I fought a good fight...

Last night my nemisis won.
It was a valiant fight
At one point I thought that I had the upper hand
My knight in shining armor tried
Thought he fixed it.
Alas, he didn't.
My mom was involved over the phone
Tense words were exchanged.
I yelled,
Tried to coax,
Tried to sweet talk,
nothing worked.

I know when to concede defeat.  The fur shawl I was trying to make is not meant to be apparently.  
Time to be creative...
Anyone know where the duct tape is??
Have a good Monday :)


  1. Dust tape will fix anything!!!

    It shall happen, in it's own time.

  2. You crack me up. Yep, had those days with my machine too. We have a store near us that sells every pattern/color of duct tape known [Wallene loves it!] so let me know. I am sure I can hook you up with something stylish. heehee

  3. You remember my story about duct tape when I was a bridesmaid? It didn't work for me that day! I had to go to plan B. Sounds like you need a plan B too! Hugs

  4. Oh, I totally spoke too soon about the shawl... ....maybe I should read posts from newest-to-oldest, instead of oldest-to-newest. Oops.

    You can do it, don't give up hope! Since it's for a theme it doesn't have to be anything fancy... ...you're probably just going to have it on for a few minutes, and it's going to be night-time, you could probably get away with just draping some fur-fabric around your shoulders, or just using heavy-duty two-sided tape to stick two pieces together back-to-back.
    You NEED this shawl!! (just kidding, you have the fabulous jacket and the dress is gorgeous, you'll fare well no matter what)