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Monday, January 16, 2012

Best Intentions

It was a long weekend with the best of intentions after winter reared it's ugly head last week.
We spent two days by my office in a hotel which was quite lovely...but we were both ready to get home.
I was out of work early on friday and planned on getting out and looking for a dress for our sales meeting at the end of the month...
I went to goodwill in the sleet and freezing rain and didn't find a thing....
There was a list of other stuff I was supposed to go get that I decided could wait and I came home..
and have been here all weekend....snuggled up in my pj's with my hubby and my cats...
watching old movies on netflix
making comfort foods...
I haven't moved all weekend....
and today was a bonus day off....I was going to clean.
Nope, didn't happen.
It was an incredibly unproductive weekend....
I am going back to work tomorrow...
having accomplished nothing, except for relaxing...
sounds good to me :)
Hugs and love to you all....I hope that you had a chance to take a break from your crazy lives to take five minutes (or hours like me) and just relax.


  1. Those kinds of weekends are just like taking your body battery and plugging it into the recharger. Sometimes you just have to do nothing! Glad you enjoyed it and got to relax. Hugs my friend! I'm doing OK!!!

  2. Sounds like the perfect weekend to me. :) Snuggling and comfort food are very rejuvenating! YAY!

    I wish it would snow so we could shut down for a few days here, but it isn't even in the forecast. :)

    Have a great week.

  3. Sometimes being unproductive is good for the soul.

    I love a lazy weekend

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