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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First post of 2012

and isn't it supposed to be epic??
I have opened this window more times than I can count and I got a whole lot of nothing...
It's a new year and yet it feels deceptively familiar.
The post holiday blahs have set in around here..
Lots to smile about over the holidays and somehow the week after just feels like you ate too much turkey and are completely stuffed on the couch and can't move..
Work is work...lots of changes again....we are still waiting for them to all unfold.  Should be interesting..
Hubby and I are the proud new owners of a brand new washer and dryer that were delivered and installed on Tuesday....very exciting...it makes me feel all grown up...weird how the purchase of a washer and dryer makes me feel far more grown up than owning a house...
New Year's was nice and quiet at our house....we hung out for the weekend which was nice....
There is no snow yet...although it was freezing this morning....
Okay...not an epic post...more one to say Hi, I'm still here and mulling things over in my head for an epic post...at some point...
Hugs and lots of love to all of you


  1. sound familiar. trying to not jump off a bridge i haven't yet built.

  2. not a bleh post at all. I think after all the hoo har of Christmas, we all take a bit to get back into routine.

    Love new appliances.

  3. And this post is supposed to be epic because. . .? What constitutes an epic post anyway? We love you just the way you are and if it is a post about a new washer and dryer, then we love reading about it. Actually I am a wee bit jealous - the new models are so neat - and you are the third couple of my friends to get new W/D for the new year.

    Where's mine? heehee I will just go snuggle with my new popcorn maker.

  4. Our lives are made up more of the mundane day to day than epic events anyway. Happy New Year!

  5. Nobody expects epic, except maybe you. For everybody else, just being yourself is more than enough. Happy New Year!