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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rocket Science- Part two

I posted this yesterday and pulled it down this morning because I didn't feel like it was fair. Today was a bit better....I think part of my frustration is that I depend on other people to do essential parts of the process that allows me to follow through on what I offer to customers....and it can be pretty frustrating.
I am off tomorrow...needed a bit of a mental health day...so I am excited about a day of doing pretty much nothing.
I have ordered a dress for the meeting in a couple of weeks...i will show pics if I like it.  It is not one of the ones that I showed you all :) Now I get to move on to accessories- which are WAY more fun!
Hope you all have a good night. Hugs and love!

Ever have one of those days...
When you feel like everything you are asking of someone is rocket science.
That was my day today.
I apparently was not only asking for rocket science but asking for it in some ancient language that is no longer spoken by anyone except for me.
no matter how many times the words please and thank you were spoken
No matter how hard I tried to temper my requests
No matter how many smiley faces were put at the end of requests
It was rocket science
I am finding it difficult to believe that efficiencies are going to achieved to the levels that they need to be in order to be able to meet new goals when not everyone is on board with working more efficiently.
I don't know how to fix it or make it better right now.
My smile today is my kitties who are all curled up keeping my feet warm right now waiting for hubby to get home..
I hope you are all well..hugs and love to each of you!
**In no way, shape or form is what I do rocket science


  1. Yay for kitties.
    Hopefully by tomorrow the people you need to jump through your hoops will get a clue and do what you need done. Good luck for a brighter [and more cooperative] Thursday!

  2. Doesn't make you want to scream and yell how hard is it........