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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday's List

Tonight is an alone night...
As I mentioned in my last rambling post, winter weather has started to rear it's head and it will be back tomorrow...
About four inches of snow and then ice and then rain...and of course it is supposed to snow tonight til about 4am and then switch over to ice...
This means that we start to make the hard decisions about going home and driving in the morning or spending the  night in a hotel..
Tonight was a hotel night..
Unfortunately, hubby was not able to join me...
As much as I would like him to come down and spend the night...
I am also kinda excited to have a nice, quiet, low key night by myself.  
I have my computer, just ordered dinner to be delivered and I don't have to share this king size bed...
Best thing, there is only one turn to get to work which is less than a mile a way...
So I am sitting in a hotel room tonight, will be enjoying pizza with what I want to have on it without feeling guilty, watching what I want on tv with no one to entertain tonight...
You all know that I love my husband...but I think I have been craving some alone time..
I hope that you are doing well.  
Hugs and love to everyone!!


  1. Some alone time once in awhile was always good for my marriage. Made us appreciate each other all the more. Enjoy it and sleep well! You'll be home soon! Hugs and love to you sweetie!

  2. sometimes, alone time is needed. sorry the winter weather is upon you but makes a nice break from routine.

  3. I have just been saying today that sometimes the most important thing when married is NOT to spend every spare minute together. We all need time just for ourselves. You will have a lovely night, perhaps miss him a little just as you drift off to sleep and tomorrow you will be happy to be back together.

  4. Hi Col. Sorry to hear the bad weather is with you. Having some time alone can be wonderful for the soul! Keep warm and keep safe and enjoy your alone time. Hugs my friend.