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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Reason number 999 I love my husband

Today was a very long day.
You see prior to today I had yet to find a dress for my meeting this week..
My husband, the trooper that he is, woke up this morning and told me we were going to go find a dress.
We went to a bunch of stores by the house and found nothing...
so we drove down to where I work and looked there...
With a detour to Cabella's he was happy doing this for me...
He helped me pick out jewelry at one place, even though I didn't have a dress yet that I was sure I was going to wear...and then..
There was one store that we didn't check out and I was defeated because I couldn't find anything that I liked.
He said, we are here we may as well go to David's Bridal.
I admit, I was a bit of a brat and pretty bummed that I couldn't find anything and I said I didn't want to go.
He was adamant.
He did what no other man in his right mind would do..
He went into David's Bridal the week after the major bridal show in town, BY HIMSELF to find me a dress.
He picked out three and called me to come into the store.
Now I will admit that I didn't want to.
I went in and the amount of people in the store made me want to go running out.
He insisted that I try on these dresses.
Low and behold...he found the perfect dress.
Not too expensive and it fit very well.
It is not one that I would have picked out for myself...
I would have gone running from the store without a moment's hesitation
But he insisted that I try them on
He did disappear when I went into the dressing room
But a quick text message that I needed him and he came back...
I had picked out a couple more dresses and he watched me try them on...
This is the one that he picked
Excuse the picture and the black socks

Then, he said this would look great with gloves and we were off again...
We went to two different stores to find gloves...one a store that I don't think either one of us had ever been into before..one of those teeny bopper stores and the party store..
He then drove home and went to the mall up here for the second time today so that I could go into Claire's to see if they had gloves.
There was a slight detour because CJ Banks was having a sale where I scored an amazing jacket for $6.99 
He came into Claire's, helped me pick out a necklace and gloves.
When we got home he insisted that I try everything on together so that he could see the whole look together and determine whether or not I was going to need anything else.
We did decide that I should make a fake fur stole to go with it...since it is winter in New England and it is supposed to be cold next week.
He is amazing....
I know that he is amazing..but today reminded me of the lengths that he is willing to go to make sure that I am happy...it may seem like a silly thing to be stressed about the right dress to wear, but this meeting is kind of a big deal and I was really bummed that the initial dress that I ordered online wasn't at all what I wanted...like it or not, you have to be able to walk the walk when you are presented with the opportunity to have face time with the higher ups in the corporate world and I know that I can rock this dress.
He is my rock...
he is my love 
He totally gets me and shows in ways that sometimes I am not sure I am worthy of...
His response tonight when I thanked him was that he was happy that I was happy and that we got to spend the whole day together just having fun...blowing off all the "adult" things that needed to get done...
I hope that this finds you all enjoying your weekend....sending out love and lots of hugs to you all!


  1. Your husband has great taste.

    Oh, and the dress he picked out is quite lovely too.

    1. What an absolutely amazing man! I'm so impressed that he went to such measures, and I'm so happy that even after being married he's still able to surprise you by picking out something that you like that you might not have necessarily known that you would like.

      I love this dress a lot more than the ones that you were looking at on line, it definitely has more of a celebrity-going-to-an-award-show-glitz-and-glam flare to it and it has a real sense of occasion.

      And making a stole is a FABULOUS IDEA!

    2. Oh-ohhhhhh, I see whatcha did there ;)

      It's completely true, of course...

  2. The dress is gorgeous and your man is amazing. Mine is happy to let me go shopping, but isnt that keen to come too

  3. So happy you ended up with the dress you needed for the event and even happier that it turned into the special time for you and your hubby. Looking great girl in that sexy dress that you can strut your stuff in. That great coat should keep you warm too. Thanks for sharing that sweet story.

  4. Oh my dear Col, what an absolutely special man you have there! To do all that for you, I find just overwhelming. What a lovely man, and then to say that he was happy because you were happy, and that it was good for you to just spend the day together. He really is a keeper my friend. You will look stunning, of that I know. That dress looks fantastic on you. I almost feel like giving your hubby a big hug myself. Hugs to you. This was such a lovely post.

  5. Great guy, great gal, great taste! Love it (black socks too..hehe).