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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Just some random thoughts for tonight...
Winter decided to poke it's head out last week and dumped a bunch of snow...
It was really cold all weekend..
today it was 51 degrees at lunch time...
Strange weather...

I am not watching the president speak tonight...
I don't want to talk politics on this blog...
I respect everyone's opinions, even when they don't agree with mine...
I am sick of the campaigning already and we have 10 more months of this..ugh

We leave for Mexico in 66 days...
Margaritas, sun and sand....

Heating oil just keeps getting more expensive..
We have to switch over our furnace ASAP..
Waiting on two more things before that can happen...
but really $450 a month kills me

Work is work..
It pays the bills

I have not gotten out the paintbrushes and canvas quite yet
I am one step closer...but just haven't taken the leap yet..
I must get the backsplash done in my kitchen first
I have everything that I need...just need the motivation..
maybe this weekend.

I am going away for two days next week for work...
I am sure that we will get winter weather because we will be traveling on a bus..

Yummy pot roast tonight for dinner..
Hubby put it on this morning..
I really do love that man most of the time :)

The night was clear tonight...
I saw a shooting star and my wish was for peace for all of you.
Love,hugs and good wishes to each of you!!


  1. Love you post and jealous about Mexico!

  2. $450? I almost choked. WOW. We have natural gas and it pretty much runs 24/7 [for me! :) ] and we average about $150-200 from Dec - Feb and that includes cooking and our fireplace too. You have my heartfelt sympathy.

    Mexico sounds exciting. Definitely something to cheer you up and to look forward too, eh? Can't wait to hear all about it.

  3. Love countdowns to holidays, they are just so exciting.
    I hope you do get your paints out to have a play, it really is the most awesome fun to get a little messy and creative.

  4. One of my all time favorite things is the early morning sky in NC this time of the year. I leave home when everyone else is sound asleep and the stars are so bright with Orion most prominent. Hope your travels this week are safe and enjoyable.

  5. I remember those huge heating bills in Connecticut. And the house was still not toasty warm. We are getting closer to spring and that makes me happy. Mexico sounds exciting and much needed. Happy for you. Listen to Mynx. She has been having a blast since she discovered painting and I would love to see your creativity. Hugs!

  6. mexico sounds delightful. hate the propane stuff. my son and dil are dealing with this, too and it's killing them. (i did try to tell them how expensive it was but they didn't believe me. i grew up with propane heat.) our current place is all electric but moving to natural gas (newer duplex) and it will probably be higher but not that much higher.

    work is definitely work. blech

  7. wow that's high and so jealous of mexico

  8. I think we all want to come to Mexico with you, Col!! That heating bill is SO expensive. Eeeek!! Loved this post today. Yummy pot roast - Yummy indeed! Good to see you here today my friend. Sending hugs your way, and thank you, as always, for your lovely wishes that you have sent our way.