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Friday, December 16, 2011

Power Button

Now many of you know that I work in sales
I am on the telephone every single day
I make usually over 50 calls a day to people
And I have found a disturbing trend as of late when it comes to cell phones.
Now cell phones have been around for many years, as a matter a fact, some people claim that radios that were used in the 1940's were the origin of the technology that cell phone were based on (quick google search is my source for this).
But over the last fifteen years, cell phones have evolved from bulky horrid phones to virtual computers in the palm of your hands.
The one thing that all of these phones and radios even have in common is the ability to be SHUT OFF.
I find that many people have an issue with turning off a cell phone.
There was a point in time when you couldn't get in touch with someone twenty four/seven
Where you weren't expected to be reachable at any point in time.
So, while calling people all day, I often hear "I can't talk right now, I'm in a meeting"
"I'm driving"
" I just got pulled over, let me call you back:
Okay...so not the ideal time to answer the phone but if the cell phone is the way you get your business I almost get it.
Lately, there have been some doozies
One of my colleagues called someone.
He couldn't talk
He was in the middle of a funeral
There is nothing that is that important
Tonight, my last call of the day
A guy that I have been trying to get signed up for our program for a few months
Called because I know that I can only reach him after business hours
He answered the phone
Hi Nicole
Hi, calling to check on the application
I was working on it but I am in the hospital
Oh no, I hope everything is okay
Yep, my wife is in labor, we are at the hospital and she will be having the baby soon. She's eight centimeters dilated
Yep, she's having our first child tonight- she went into labor this afternoon
Okay, well I will let you go
I am really working on the application- I will get it to you on Monday
Well, I think you have something more important than a gas card going on right now.
Well, I will definitely call you on monday- I can tell you if it's a boy or a girl and we can get this card program set up.
I got off the phone.
Chuckled a bit to myself and thought, if we are ever in that situation and my husband had the nerve to answer a cell phone call he wouldn't see the cell phone again until the child turned eighteen I would shove it so far down his throat.
Seriously people, I am all for modern convenience
I am all for being able to multitask and do more than one thing at a time
I am all for people being reachable and not tethered to a desk
but there is a power button for a reason.
Or, if you are really that concerned with a phone call you might miss while you are witnessing perhaps the most spectacular miracle of your life, put the phone on silent and call back after your wife has a baby.
I am truly thankful for all of the modern technology in this world, but I sometimes wonder if we are missing out on what's actually going on in life because we are so worried about missing something.

love and hugs to all of you...have a great weekend!


  1. I plead guilty for not turning my phone off often enough and I am also guilty of not recharging it when I should so it is dead when I do need it.

    My family are very good at finding other options to catch me as I am also very good at leaving it on silent or leaving it in another room or in my car or in another bag or home when I am at work.

    So basically it goes off when I don't want it too or I am missing calls. It does tend to frustrate my friends hehe

  2. Oddly enough girl I have the other problem. I have technicians that I need to get in touch with and more times than not I cannot reach them on the company phone or their personal phone. I surely don't have a problem with turning mine off at the appropriate times. Good post.

  3. I use to have a cell phone...detest them. My home phone is wired in only one room. I sometimes forget to check messages and rarely answer the phone.

    I have to use the phone too much at work and want quiet when I am home. Sad,isn't it?

  4. Great post Nic. I'm getting sick and tired of listening to people's conversations when they are grocery shopping, standing in line, at the hair dressers, at the gas station, everywhere we go. I bring my phone with me when I go out but I leave it in the car. When I come back to the car I check for messages. Cell phones have definitely invaded every aspect of people's lives. Somehow I picture this guy snapping pics with his cell phone of his wife's vagina during delivery and sending it out. There's got to be a limit! Hugs.

  5. Funny, how we all relied on pay phones when we were out or we waited until we got home to get a message. Heck, before answering machines you had to call back until you got a live person.

    I get vexed at the people who have to answer all the time, especially while driving. What did you do 20 years ago, and is that call really that important. Unless you are doctor waiting on that heart for a transplant for a sick child, leave the phone alone. [And pagers work just as well for that whole doctor/transplant thing.]

    The kids' school got angry at us and actually insisted that I must.have.a.cellphone. Why? I have a land line, I am always home and if I'm not then I am with Pooldad who has a cellphone.

    I had a cell for a few months, but that was only because Comcast sucks. I gave it to Wallene - and I don't miss it. And even if I did leave the house with regularity, I doubt I would want it back. No one I really want to talk to that bad when I have errands and stuff to do.

    Child birth is bad, but I think the funeral is worse. At least the wife is alive and can object to the stupidity. The funeral is just plain bad manners and disrespectful.

  6. I love this post Col. I always turn my phone off in certain situations, and it really bugs me when people leave theirs on if I'm with them. That guy at the funeral - oh no, that is just so in poor taste. I think it just makes these people feel important you know! I can appreciate that guy having a phone, so that perhaps he could phone relatives with the good news about the baby, but it certainly didn't need to be switched on. I despair of people sometimes, I really do! Hee Hee! Big hugs to you my friend.

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