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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday's List

My meditating kind of worked last night...at least I have been able to compartmentalize the stuff for a while...that is always the first step in being able to objectively deal with these feelings...
It has turned to fall...not sure if that's a reason to smile but I do love the nice crisp morning and after this weekend it will be time to go apple picking and start making some apple pie, apple cake, apple jelly...yum...I love the smell of apples cooking...it is always one of my favorite candle smells..
I think we have settled on a Halloween theme for the department this year....some of you might remember from last year that our company does a big Halloween celebration and all the departments decorate and we are judged....well I volunteered myself this year (as opposed to getting volunteered) to organize and coordinate and I think we decided today what we are going to do...which makes me happy..
My first giveaway package arrived to someone today...that makes me happy...the ones for my overseas friends are still sitting in my backseat because they didn't have customs forms where I went to  mail them...they will be going out tomorrow...
It is a very dear blog friends birthday tomorrow....so everyone go over and send her good wishes....
This weekend is my girls weekend on Cape Cod....I am leaving early from work tomorrow and will have the whole weekend with some of my best girl friends from college on a lake in a house that we rented...I can't wait....good friends, lots of laughter, some silliness you can only share with your girlfriends, good food and cocktails...sounds like heaven to me..and yes, I promise pictures..
Well my cat is sitting here getting annoyed because he is trying to snuggle and his head is moving as I type so I should sign off for the night...
Hugs, love and good wishes to your corners of the universe tonight and for the weekend if I don't get a chance to check in!!!


  1. sounds delightful! i hope you have an outstanding time!!!!

    (btw... i LOVE maple syrup!!! thank you very much for such a sweet note and awesome box. i'll get pictures up tomorrow or the next day; my camera doesn't like me tonight.)

  2. Have a fabulous weekend!x

  3. I am so excited to wear jeans and sweaters. I was dreaming about which one for today! YAY for fall.

    And here I sit, drinking tea out of darn happiest cup I have ever seen, waiting on my husband to wake up and make me pancakes so I can savor some pure Maine maple syrup. Squeeeeeeeeeee!

    You are a dear. The package was wonderful. Thak you so, so, SO much.

    Oh, and my refrigerator is a MUCH happier looking appliance. I just love the magnets.

  4. Hi there Col. So sorry that I'm late in commenting, but I was feeling pretty rough last week. Do hope that you had a great weekend with your friends at Cape Cod. We have done all our apple picking and hubby has made loads of pure apple juice. Also have stacks of blackberries in the freezer now, so will be making blackberry & apple pies soon! My lovely little package arrived safely yesterday my friend. Thank you SO much for doing that. My smiley mug is sat there smiling at me now and my little grandchildren are going to love the little smiley badges! Take care. Hugs. I will post about it later in the week.