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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How does the garden grow.

Came home from work tonight...really wanting zucchini.  I went out to the garden and picked a few.  Then I remembered that my potato plant died. ....which meant that if I was going to have potatoes, they would be ready...I figured little potatoes because they were planted in a small pot remember??

I dug in my dress with my wedding rings on...and look what I found???

That is about a dozen decent sized potatoes....purple ones at that...
this also came out of the garden tonight...
This is my dinner tonight...fresh potatoes roasted....yum!!

I can't even tell you the level of excitement I have over these potatoes....I mean it was a total lark that we planted it....just took half a potato that had sprouted because we hadn't eaten it and shoved it in the pot with two cala lily bulbs, a bunch of ivy and a couple of other plants.  I didn't expect them to grow...but they did and they are roasting as we speak....I am so stupidly excited about them...and needed to share iwth all of you...
Love and hugs to you all..


  1. Those are so cool Col. We are laughing they were in the flower pot, but now we want to make purple potato salad and freak people out. I have never seen a purple potato. heehee

    The rest of your bounty is wonderful too - I can see why you are so excited. I would be. Enjoy and bon apetit!


  2. How did the spuds taste.........my hubby found some carrots he had forgotten he planted last week....

  3. Oh Col, I can quite see why you are so excited about your harvest! What a lovely colour those potatoes are - I hope they were as tasty as they looked. Thanks for sharing your excitement with us! Isn't that what blogging is all about?!

  4. they look yummy and how cool you grew them in a small pot

  5. We are still enjoying awesome veggies from our farmers market. I hate to see it end but look forward to the cooler temps.