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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Full Moon

The full moon has guided my way as it is getting darker and darker every night when I leave work.
The hours are draining my energy and I am lacking something..
I don't know...just something...and it's beginning to annoy me.
I have felt this way for months now.
I went away on a couple of trips, which usually makes it better...and it didn't.
I spent a weekend with one of my best friends- that didn't work either
I have spent time with my hubby..taking long drives in the car and that just made me crabbier
I have seen my mom, planned another girls weekend, gone to the beach, tried to ignore it and it isn't getting better.
Tonight, I am going to the beach...to watch the waves crash, smell the salty water, feel the beginning of fall in the air...
Tonight I will meditate and will take deep breaths...
Tonight...I will get rid of this feeling and come back at least content...
Tonight I will watch the full moon rise above the water and feel the waves lap at my feet.
Tonight I will chase away the demons that are making me think the grass is greener and get back to my "normal" self...
I hope.
Sending hugs and lots of love to you all tonight...


  1. Enjoy. You are very lucky and blessed. Sounds like a lovely evening.

    Hugs to you.

  2. How are you feeling now did the meditating work it often works for me. A full moon often effects how moods and I do not know why.......

  3. I know the feeling. Then something remarkable comes along and makes it so much better. Hope your "medicine" works well! Love and hugs sweetie.

  4. it is getting darker earlier, making the evenings seem so muc shorter. enjoy the beach!

  5. The seasons are changing and that can affect my moods I have found.
    Sounds like what you have planned will help.
    Hugs for you

  6. Do hope that you leave your restlessness at the beach tonight Col, and that you will feel brighter and more like your old self when you get home! It's horrible when you feel like that. Hugs.

  7. I hope the beach was able to give you some peace. I think you are very lucky to live close enough to visit whenever you'd like. I love the ocean, and only get to see it every few years.